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Google Reader Rolls Out Google+ Integration

Google Reader Rolls Out Google+ Integration

Google Reader with Google Plus

Google on Monday began rolling out a new version of Google Reader which provides a brand-new design with deep Google+ integration.

Taking ques from their recently designed Gmail and Google Calendar makeovers the Google Reader app features a sparse design that highlighted Google+ sharing functionality while still retaining an interface Google Reader fans will find familiar.

The Google +1 button has replaced where the “Like” button use to stand. Google Reader users who are signed in and members of Google+ can also choose which of their Google+ circles to share articles to using Google+ snippets. 

According to Google Engineer Alan Green in a Google blog post:

“Integrating with Google+ also helps us streamline Reader overall … So starting today we’ll be turning off friending, following, shared items and comments in favor of similar Google+ functionality.”

Do you believe that Google’s efforts to unify all of their products under the Google+ system will help them reach more social media who are looking to create an “all-in-one” solution.

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