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Google Selling Links For $1995?

Google Selling Links For $1995?

In light of the Google PageRank correction to what is thought to be paid postings — and in the recent past, paid links — its ironic that Google might be selling links of their own.

That’s right — although Google has created the perception that it is actively punishing those blogs which are doing things to pollute organic listings, Google itself may also be an unwitting participant in said “pollution” by selling links … at almost $2k a pop.

How is this?

Well, Google sells some enterprise hardware, known as Google Mini.  This combination hardware/software solution allows companies to search their own intranets, starting at $1995 for 50,000 documents.

How does selling links come into play?  Well, according to one source, if you purchase a Google Mini, you can submit a testimonial to Google which Google will happily put up.   Or, perhaps not.  There are a lot of “testimonials” which are nothing more than names and links.

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Links, specifically, that are very real and do not have the ‘nofollow’ attribute. 

So, how much would you pay for an inbound link from Google (specifically, a PR7 site as the testimonial site is PR7)?  If your answer is somewhere in the range of $2000USD, you might just be in luck.

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  • Or, you don’t even need to leave this site,! From

    “In this moving age of internet many internet providers have also come into the field of web hosting. Some of these companies are working as _domain reseller_ while others are offering complete hosting services along with the basic _internet marketing program_. Most of these companies offer _free wireless internet_ connection along with their hosting packages. Some _internet phone service_ providers are also offering _ppc search engines_ to their clients. Along with basic hosting and SEO services some of these companies also offer the services of _online training_. Above all webmasters should not go after the freebies init as these are not considered as _recommended servers_ by most of the experienced webmasters.”

    I count seven links sold just in that one paragraph alone. Why would someone bother to submit a testimonial that might or might not get used, when you can just buy some PageRank from Blog Herald directly?

  • It’s pretty upsetting that Google would do this. I don’t know if this is just something that has been overlooked by the guys at Google or just a blatant disregard for what they SAY they believe when it comes to this topic.

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