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Google the New Number 1 in the US

Google the New Number 1 in the US

I thought they were already, but obviously not so. Google has been the leading search engine, but overall Yahoo is the most popular web site according to ComScore’s rankings. No more though, according to an AP report:

According to comScore, Google’s unique U.S. audience in April was 141.1 million, an 18 percent increase from the same month in 2007. Yahoo’s audience grew 7 percent, to 140.6 million. Microsoft Corp. was third at about 121 million.

That said, Yahoo still leads in page views, meaning visitors spend more time there or return more often. Many Google users make a simple search request and quickly go elsewhere based on the results. Yahoo had 33.6 billion page views to Google’s 28.7 billion.

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YouTube probably helps a lot, and the fact that Gmail is growing rapidly is also mentioned in the news story.

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    Thats right Google, dont forget it!
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