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‘Google Offers’ Launching As Groupon Competitor

‘Google Offers’ Launching As Groupon Competitor

Google Offers

If you can’t spend $6 billion dollars to buy the technology you want, the next logical step is to build your own. After being turned down in their pursuit of owning social buying website Groupon, Google has decided to build their own competitor to the program.

Social web company Mashable unearthed documents today that show in detail how Google plans to take on Groupon on their own turf. In the spec sheet for the new program, Google says the product, called “Google Offers” is “a new product to help potential customers and clientele find great deals in their area through a daily email.”

Just like competitors Groupon and LivingSocial, Google Offers gives customers a certain time limit for obtaining special offers from company’s in their area and through national deals. The offers, just like their competitors is only triggered when a certain number of customers agree to the deal.

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Customers will pay for the offers using Google Checkout and the program will feature social share options including Google Buzz, Twitter and Facebook.

Google may have failed in their buyout attempt, but with Groupon expected to fetch $15 billion during their IPO, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google would still be attempting to take over at least part of the social buying space.

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