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Google’s Blogger Goes Vodcasting (Plus: Polls Now Included)

Google’s Blogger Goes Vodcasting (Plus: Polls Now Included)

It looks as if the boys and girls at Blogger have done it again!

After previously enabling users to upload video’s to their weblogs, Google is now enabling every blog*spot user to vodcast their sites via iTunes or which ever podcasting service they prefer.

(Blogger In Draft) Starting today, we’re automatically adding enclosure information for Blogger video uploads, so your blog with video has instantly become a video podcast. Your readers can watch your videos on your blog with the Flash player, or they can subscribe to your videos with their favorite podcatcher.

Videos are provided for download in MP4 format, so they’ll play great on an iPod (or iPhone, but we haven’t tested that quite… yet…), as well as tons of other places.

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Blogger has also added the ability for users to place polls on their blogs, which although isn’t earth shattering is something that many users have been requesting for quite a while.

Since both of these features are still in “beta mode,” users will have to visit in order to access the upcoming version of Blogger.

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