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Google’s Blogger Looking For A Few Good Web Programmers

Google’s Blogger Looking For A Few Good Web Programmers

It looks as if Blogger is on the prowl for a few good web programmers in order to help improve one of Google’s most popular features.

Blogger, which was previously rated as the top blogging platform by PC Magazine earlier this year seems to be seeking the extra help in order to add some additional features to one of the most popular blog platforms online.

(Blogger Buzz) Now that Blogger’s on fresh, solid ground, our engineering team is cranking full-steam ahead on lots of exciting new features! But we’ve got a classic problem that comes with growth – there’s too much to do, and too few people to do it all.

Therefore, we’re looking to hire some UI experts (both visual and interaction designers, as well as software engineers) to join the Blogger Team here at Google, and help us plan and build Blogger’s next generation features.

Any readers interested in becoming a Googler can check out the various positions Blogger is interested in.

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With most (if not all) of their users already using the new version (which had a very short beta lifespan), Blogger has probably already seen a dramatic increase in the number of posts, as well as requested features from users.

For those who often held complaints against blogger (for various reasons), this may be the perfect time to dust off ones resume, and improve a well known blogging feature used by millions of people around the globe.

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