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Google’s Blogger under fire for system outages

Google’s Blogger under fire for system outages

Google’s free blogging tool and host Blogger has coped a fair bit of flack lately following recent system outages, but the heat on Biz Stone and friends just got a bit hotter with Wired running an extensive piece covering the problems.

In “Bloggers Pitch Fits Over Glitches“, Adam L. Penenberg writes that there are a lot of annoyed users, but interestingly compares the service to a public utility. Does he know something about Bloggers figures that we don’t?

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  • If its 70% it would have to have atleast 15 million blogs, if not more, but we just dont know because they wont release their figures. I might have to start emailing them and asking nicely!

  • Look at the URL for my Blog. That’s right. I switched to typepad because I simply got tired of dealing with the inability to access my blog, the inability to post.

    I just simply left. I wonder how many others have followed me?

  • Based on my member #, I’d guess there are at least 10 million *accounts*. However, how many of those are orphaned from two or three years back?

    As a Blogger user, all I can say is that the vast majority of us do use it for free, so what do we have to complain about? And those who are paying for it know it is going through upgrades; however, I’m sure that, unlike myself, their posts are so choice and demanding and time sensitive that they must be blogged *immediately*!!!

    Um, not to be snarky or anything.

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