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Google’s Matt Cutts offers three tips for ‘Company Blogging’

Google’s Matt Cutts offers three tips for ‘Company Blogging’

Google’s Matt Cutts writing on his personal blog offers up three tips for company blogging.

His best tip is #2:

Don’t trash talk a competitor.

Your product should be strong enough that you don’t have to diss a competing company. Back in 2002, an article in the Boston Herald showed up about another search engine. The article claimed that “The entire XXXXXXXXX Catalog is updated every 9 to 11 days.” I knew for a fact that wasn’t true and at first I wanted to rip that claim to shreds like a bulldog. But (with the advice of some wiser Googlers), I decided to take the high road instead of picking a fight. In fact, claims like that motivated Google to be fresher and faster. Now I believe Google has the freshest index of any of the major web search engines.

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What advice would you give someone blogging for/about their own company or employer?

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  • When people are irrationally going off about you, your business or product, don’t engage because you’ll appear defensive and the people who are the loudest and most obnoxious aren’t seriously wanting to engage you in meaningful dialog. They really do it to further their own power base and what you say will be processed with the goal of furthering their own power in mind. If you feel like you have to engage, do it on your own terms in a place that you can control and go after the middle, the people who don’t care as much, who are less agenda driven or who would be willing to listen. That group is the group that will eventually be able to tell the extremist to give it a rest.

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