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Gossip blog foams over with ‘news’

Gossip blog foams over with ‘news’

JSOnline> If his newest blog has even a drop of the popularity of its subject matter, former Milwaukeean Jim Romenesko will be a Venti-sized success.With an extra shot, perhaps. You will not see a goddess in a circle of green at Starbucks Gossip, a Web site devoted to dishing about “America’s favorite drug dealer” read more>

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  • Not being a coffee drinker I am a bit indifferent when it comes to Starbucks. However my experience of Starbucks is that of sitting in a small store for five minutes surrounded by people drinking god knows what and being subjected to odours that could kill lab rats.
    “Starbucks Gossip” is great and keeps and eye on the strange phenomena that is Starbucks.

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