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Government funded uber-fairy wins Australian blogging award

Government funded uber-fairy wins Australian blogging award

The Smartyhost blogging awards for Australia’s best blog have been announced with an alleged artist who….wait for it…..travels the world at the Australian taxpayers expense recording the sounds bridges makes, winning the award.

The Bridge Girl Travelling Diary documents Jodi Rose’s travels to the most interesting musical bridges in the world and was described by the judges as “an excellent example of the unlimited nature of blogs”.

The Australian blogosphere isn’t to impressed however. Trevor Cook describes the Blog as a Barry Crocker (shocker). The comment threads on Problogger make for entertaining reading. Tim Blair points to the issues of Government assistance being given to this girl. Charles Wright at The Age writes about the voting process being rorted.

For me, this extract taken from Laratus Prodeo from her blog sums up the complete stupidity for me….

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“Wondering if it really is that important that I record bridge cables – I mean, how f#*%ing ridiculous. Who came up with this lunacy??? And I guess the answer is, well it’s important to me, so it IS valid and relevant as an occupation. A calling. I could go off on my anti-useful rave here, about how we need to create gaps in the fabric of cultural production, that doing something incredibly useless and silly (apparently), actually serves a really important purpose in society and culture, as it allows us to be human. Take time off from being utilitarian cogs in the wheels of capital and industry, play, imagine, be curious and let that curiosity and sense of fun guide you.”

That’s right fellow Australian’s: we are paying for this shit with our tax dollars!

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  • And the criticism of the “blog” is valid and correct, however I’m interested by the taxpayer funded line that is now being run, but’s that’s another issue as they say and one we canvas regularly on Larvatus Prodeo.

    Art as we know is never really understood by those in business and certain political persuasion so there is no point listening to Blair and his mob of baying jackals, I would go so far as to suggest that Blair hiself is not much of a blogger given as he is to ruthless censorship of adverse POV’s.

    But putting on my art criticism hat for a moment, her kind of art is not just dirivative but old news, that kind of thing was done in the seventies for god’s sake so it’s not even original in any way.

    By the way, Trevor’s deconstruction is too kind to this whole stupid exercise.

    And just to suck up a bit to you Duncan, you blog has been a valuable resource to me, thanks mate. Oh and Peter at the Blog Studio designed my new cycling blog, have a squiz and tell him what an awesome job he’s done.

  • Duncan,

    Why are you being so negative about this? Recording the beautiful singing of bridges is totally valid and necessary. I’m glad someone has the guts and determination to take on this important role. You should be nicer and spread more joy. That’s what blogging and the internet is all about. Well, for me for the next 2 days it is anyway. Peace. Bless xxxx

    Love and kisses,


  • Anthony,

    Why would you imply I have done something mean? You shouldn’t be so cynical. Believe everyting you read because it makes you a better person.

    As for Duncan, I’ve lost so much respect for him. Bless.



  • It might be nice, but I’m paying for it dammit! If there is such a great demand for signing bridges let them sell CDs and cover costs, I slog my guts out, as does my wife, we get nothing back from the government, and this flake gets to roam around recording the sounds of bridges at my expense. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-arts or music at all, but this has got to be a massive joke. Im mean: she says it herself: “Wondering if it really is that important that I record bridge cables – I mean, how f#*%ing ridiculous. Who came up with this lunacy???”

  • Nice to see you respond to Blair’s wedge Duncan, success for the right again. I wonder if the prize was won by a single mother on benefits if the reaction by Blair and his crew would have been the same. Actually I know it would have been given as they are to bashing all forms of Govt assistance.

    I pay taxes too, I too work at a fulltime job and have put my own money into my blogging enterprise, however I also support the arts, and happily do so through those taxes. I also accidentally support massive forms of corporate welfare handed out by Govt. and while that annoys me sometimes but I understand the need to fund big projects.

    But I go on….so let’s stop all this talk of downward looking envy and focus on what a crap process this was and what a crap blog this was.

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