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Governor launches Blog

Governor launches Blog

Colorado Governor Bill Owens has joined the record books as (perhaps) being the first elected Governor of a US State to launch a blog.

The blog, Colorado Tech Week, certainly won’t win any design or content awards, but to have a Governor launch gives it a boost.

“With Blog readership skyrocketing, we are proud that the launch of the Colorado Tech Week Blog will position the state as a leader in this new technological medium,” said Owens.

“Unlike online journals and static web pages that simply post information, true Blogs, like the Colorado Tech Week Blog, serve as an interactive tool encouraging the exchange of ideas,” said Brian Vogt, director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

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Now if only they’d add some content they might be able to build a regular audience.

(in part via media release)

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  • If he’d allow comments he might have something. (Comments were closed by the time I got there)

    But just like Senator Joe Biden, it’s his show, and nobody else dare have any say.

    American politics in action!

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