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Grand Effect Blog Network Launches

Grand Effect Blog Network Launches

A blog network that launched a few weeks ago, Grand Effect, has been gathering more attention over the last few weeks by attracting high profile talent from across the blogosphere.

Co-founded by ReadWriteWeb contributor Sarah Perez and David Peralty, the blog network has recently added The Last Podcast, SheGeeks, and others.

Grand Effect appears to be taking on more of an advertising focused model rather than attempting to integrate the blogs into a more cohesive network.

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  • She is one of the co-founders

    To BloghHerald: While we appreciate the writeup, do you mind checking into such things a little more next time?

    Grand Effect did not launch a few weeks ago, but 3 new members, myself included, have recently joined in the past weeks. However, Sarah Perez and David Peralty (eXtra For Every Publisher) founded the Grand Effect network. Sarah Perez is NOT one of the recent additions and I have no clue where you happened to get that information from.

    The entire network includes the following blogs: SheGeeks , Sarah in Tampa , eXtra for Every Publisher , gHacks , ParisLemon , and The Last Podcast!

    SheGeeks, The Last Podcast, and ParisLemon are the most recent additions to the network in that order.

  • Also… :) The reason we are focusing on pooling our resources for advertising related gains is that each blog has been up until this point its own island, and while we plan on doing guest posts for each other, working on each other’s blogs (I am turning into the resident WordPress expert) and helping out any other way we can, we are all used to running our own sites as we see fit.

    Creating a network where we tried to force cohesion would be silly.

    Also, we want the network to really benefit the people in it, and helping them with something that I think is the most difficult part of running a blog: monetization, is something that we have prioritized to be one of the biggest benefits we can give members.

    I think once you have all the facts on what we are doing, you’ll have a much better article, and a little less sensational. :P

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