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Grand Effect Grows, But Not Much Longer

Grand Effect Grows, But Not Much Longer

Sarah Perez’ blog network, Grand Effect, have added three more blogs to the fray, and these might be the last ones since the goal isn’t to build a big network. It might not be the final addition to the network though, former Splashpress employee David Peralty hints that they’re saving a spot.

Anyway, the additions are:

Congratulations to all new additions. Now it’ll be interesting to see if Grand Effect can score some nice advertising deals, which is one of the reasons to its existence.

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  • Well, David has a good track record and I think he will do well working with Sarah Perez and the blogging network. I too will be interested to see if their model of gaining advertising will work as it seems to me that the blogs are loosely tied to the network.

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