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Green Blogathon this weekend

Green Blogathon this weekend

One of the wonderful things about working with b5media is that I get to read stuff that is like the anti-everything of me and still respect it, like Kevin’s participation in a Green Blogathon this weekend. If you are into tree-hugging and prefer your sushi Dolphin free, take a look…in the mean time I’m going back to working on my import licenses of whale meat from Japan and miniature coal fired power stations to sell to local farmers who aren’t on mains electricity :-)

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  • Look, I’ll hug trees with the best of them under 2 conditions.

    1. My lunch is up there.

    2. I’m something elses lunch and my only hope of escape is to high tail it up a tree.

    Okay, there’s a 3rd thing.

    3. Jessica Alba will.. you know, make it worth my while.

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