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Groupon Launches Rewards Program, Gives Businesses More Control

Groupon Launches Rewards Program, Gives Businesses More Control

Groupon Rewards ProgramGroupon on Wednesday rolled out Groupon Rewards, a new program that allows businesses to provide extra incentives to Groupon users who spend a certain amount of money with their company.

Integrated with Point of Sale systems the program allows businesses to offer special incentives as users pass varying thresholds, those incentives then become available as special Groupon offers.

In a blog post Groupon says of the system:

“Consumers earn rewards at participating merchants simply by paying with the credit or debit card they have on file at,” while adding, “After spending an amount set by the merchant, the consumer unlocks the ability to purchase a special Groupon for that business.”

Groupon has been testing the program in the Chicago area and the incentive program is now being released to Groupon merchants at no additional charge.

Along with simply providing incentives to regular customers merchants can also view analytics that provide information about new and repeat customers, while showing how much those customers are spending and how often they visit the store.

Groupon Rewards has a simple goal, replace punch card type programs while driving repeat business. As the picture above shows users will be able to see incentives and gain an understanding of how much more they need to spend, a fact that could help businesses secure more sales as incentive levels are close to being reached.

Will you be giving Groupon Rewards a test drive of your own in the near future?

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