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Grrl TV Blogs About TV Shows with Strong Women

Grrl TV Blogs About TV Shows with Strong Women

Chandra Williams is editing Grrl TV, the latest b5media blog, which describes itself like this:

Grrl TV – A look at some of the best women-centric shows on television – from Sex and the City to Lipstick Jungle

The b5media blog launch post says it like this: is all about the fabulous women holding strong roles on television, in everything from Army Wives to Lipstick Jungle to some new shows such as Fringe coming this fall.

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OK, so the blog is all about TV shows with strong female characters. A blog focused on TV shows mostly enjoyed by women then. Alright, what’s next, a blog writing about the suckish action TV shows geared at teenage boys? Personally, I think a good TV show works for both genders, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, check it out.

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