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Hand-Picked Blogs With Trakkrz

Hand-Picked Blogs With Trakkrz

Does the world need another blog catalog? I’ll leave that to you to decide. Trakkrz has entered a crowded space with a site that boasts being “the world’s largest hand-picked blog site on the web.”

In order to be selected, your blog must meet the following criteria:

* consistent, regular stream of articles

* written primarily about the topic for which you are chosen for

* write original, relevant articles that provide a unique view – you are not a news aggregator, not an automated blog scraping website – rather a live blogger with excellent content

* you are an individual or a small group writing together

My blog has been added to the career section and I’ll be sure to report back if I see any sort of traffic bump. With all of these blog directory sites, I’m never too optimistic…but I’d love to be proven wrong.

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One plus to being included is free access to Trakkrz analytics, a metric tool that will help you understand who is viewing your blog and the keywords they are using to find it.

Recommend a blog here.

The site is looking at quality over quantity, and that’s a step in the right direction.

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  • My niche blog was picked by Trakkrz. (That’s how I first heard of them). When I read their guidelines I was kind of flattered. I was a long time Dmoz editor so I know what it’s like to weed through a lot of submissions to a directory and find the few bits of gold in there. I’ve been busy this week and have yet to do a linkback to Trakkrz but I do plan to.

  • Disappointing. Trakkrz seems to be gone already. No recent updates on their Twitter account and the site is coming up air (white page only).

  • First of all thanks Andrew for the article about

    Laura, we are not gone. We were just having some difficulties handling all the data that we currently have. We are back now and we’re stronger then ever. Also, thanks for considered a link back. We do not require such actions like other sites do, but every exposure we get is appreciated.

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