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Hang around MSN Spaces for new Michael Hutchence replacement

Hang around MSN Spaces for new Michael Hutchence replacement

Microsoft has announced that MSN will be hosting a number of blogs from “key members” of the upcoming show “RockStar” (showing on CBS) which seeks to a new lead signer for Australian band INXS.

The band has gone through a number of lead signers since its originial lead, Michael Hutchence, parted company with the band after hanging around for a while off a door in a Kings Cross Hotel in 1997.

Each week, a contestant will be voted off the show by a combination of INXS band members, judges and audience members, although reports that a graphic of a noose will be displayed as each contestant leaves has not been confirmed.

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  • This blog is not only offensive and disrespectful but also incorrect. Michael Hutchence was NOT found ‘hanging around for a while off a door in a Kings Cross Hotel in 1997.’
    Unsuprisingly, he took his own life in a Sydney Hotel room in Australia,mainly due to false and unessesary reports like this one.
    The statement ‘reports that a graphic of a noose will be displayed as each contestant leaves has not been confirmed’ is neither amusing nor informative.In fact the whole blog is a total waste of space.A bit like the whole RockStar Reality TV Show. Michael Hutchence was unique and can never be replaced. It’s time the remaining bandmembers of INXS realised this and stopped making fools of themselves. A bit like the idiot that wrote this blog.

  • Sure, its was a little nasty, but Debbie, get your facts straight: Kings Cross is in Sydney, and for memory the hotel was in Kings Cross, but I’ll agree on one thing, the continued attempt to replacement him is a joke and the quicker they quit the better the memory of INXS will be.

  • My facts are perfectly straight thank you. I am quite aware that Kings Cross is in Sydney Australia. Maybe i didn’t make it clear when i quoted you.I intended to emphasize the ‘hanging around for a while off a door’ rather than the ‘in a Kings Cross Hotel in 1997’.
    Like i say…it was partly down to continuous false and unecessary reports like this one that led to Michael’s suicide.Now you continue to insult his memory in this way.Maybe your life is so sad and boring that you feel the need to do this? Would it bother you if i wrote something like this about a member of your family or a close friend (if you have any). No, probably not.Go get a life and leave those that haven’t alone.

  • Just because a naive coroner rules suicide does not change the fact that he was partaking in auto-erotica. Granted he did not have an orange in his mouth or pantyhose over his head but he was using a neck tie and door closer to gradually decrease his oxygen intake and prolong his orgasm. Unfortunately being drunk and suffering the effects of several drugs probably dulled his ability to stop in time to save himself.
    This is not such an uncommon practice. It is often applied in relationships as well such as when a woman tightens her mans tie during love making to increase the blood flow to other areas. Why do you seek to deny this sort of activity. It was well documented that MH was not depressed on the day in question.

  • And Angel…you are who?? If you know anything about the events that took place that night (as published in Tina Hutchence ‘Just A Man’ from police reports & phone logs, last phone calls, ect…)you would know that the last thing on Michael’s mind that night was getting off. I’d like to know your sources for this untrue statement “It was well documented that MH was not depressed on the day in question.” So, he may have been having a good day with friends, which is documented, however, Michael was on Prozac, Michael was diagnosed with depression…..just because you have a good day, doesn’t mean that you aren’t clinicly depressed. After his friends left the hotel room, he made 2 important phone calls that showed where his mind was that morning. He called his manager, Martha and left a messege…”Marth, I can’t take it anymore” and another call to one time love & good friend, Michelle Bennett. He begged her to come see him at the hotel, he didn’t want to be alone, he was at his wits end! Do you not see? NOONE would be thinking about getting off in this state!! If you think he was, you’re pretty f-ed up. It was also published by the Sydney coroner that he was approached by a journalist who admitted to knowing the journalist who first printed this LIE because they needed to make their story more sensational. Maybe you should do a little more research on the real story & a little less reasearch about AEA.

    As far as this blog….seriously, it’s a waste of space & the air you breath is a waste of air.

  • By the way..the 2 calls he made for help also were after he had a huge argument over the phone with Bob Geldof regarding Paula’s children & Tigerlily not being allowed to leave the country (England) to go to Australia for the Christmas holiday. This Angel… well documented

  • Angel,it’s obvious to me that it’s YOU who is naive NOT the coroner. It is his job to determine the cause of death of a person…not you…although you seem to think that you know best. Shari was completely correct in everything she said to you.The whole AEA ‘story’ WAS a LIE, completely fabricated to sensationalise the story,probably for idiots like you to read and believe.Like a lot of things written about Michael before his death,as i say, which only helped contribute to his suicidal state of mind.You seem to think you’re a bit of an ‘expert’ when it comes to AEA…well maybe that’s your thing,but it was furthest from Michael’s thoughts that night.
    Go and get your facts straight because you obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

  • My, Angel! You amaze me! So many facts wrong in such a short reply! The “naive” coroner had been on his job for ages, so yes, I bet he didn’t know his job! The “fact that he was partaking in auto-erotica” is anything but a fact, except for sensationalist tabloids. You are obviously aware of the coroner’s report… Sadly, for some reason those facts aren’t quite as welcome to you as the yarns you like to spin further. Facts (real ones, not just those “well documented” in tabloids) show clearly Michael was depressed. That “lesson” of yours about AEA is completely unnecessary — I can do (and have done) my own research, thank you! And so should you before spouting off “facts” from your keyboard. Thank you Shari for setting some facts straight.

    As for the original blog entry, I agree it is in bad taste. It is one thing to like/not like the upcoming Rockstar show. But making tasteless remarks about Michael’s death isn’t in any way necessary in the same “breath”.

  • To the silly sod that started this thread here is some info for you:-

    FACT – In 1992 he had an accident where he fractured his skull and left him with sensory problems affecting taste and smell, this really got to him.
    FACT – Michael had been on Prozac for two years prior to his suicide in 1997, this was a high dose that did not get medical follow up.
    FACT – The Hotel in question was the Ritz Carlton
    FACT – Michael was with a very high maintainence woman, who liked to play mind games, Paula Yates
    FACT – He was hounded for being the guy who split Sir Bob and Paula up, even though their split had already occured
    FACT – Bob is not the easiest of people to deal with, this dragged Michael down.
    FACT – Michael had already handed his notice in on INXS, he was just fulfilling his contract with them,

    I know his sister Tina, so lets just say all this has come from family sources. Cut the crap, it’s disrepectful and nasty.

  • Fair call Caz, it was in bad taste, although I do stand by the proposition that the continued attempts to replace him have turned the band into a joke.

  • And I agree with you about the band becoming a joke through reality TV – so let’s call a truce eh?

  • Sweet victory! Here’s to Michael and the TRUTH! As you can see site-admin, Michael has fans that truely care for him & want to see his memory repected and honored. It is just as easy to slag off INXS without making a joke out of the pain and anguish Michael was feeling that morning that caused him to take his precious life. No rebutt from Angel?? I guess he crawled back in the hole he came from =P

  • Hopefully this “Angel” has gone off to do some research and get their FACTS RIGHT.
    Like i wish a lot of people would do before posting hurtful lies.
    Maybe some good has come of this by many people having the chance to read the TRUE facts about Michael Hutchence.

  • From one women named Julia aka Angel to some idiot who calls himself one, this SLAP is for you with Michael written all over it!!!

    How dare you open your mouth and disrespect a man who will never be forgotten but who will also always be remembered by all of his loved ones.

    In our hearts eternally, RIP Michael Hutchence.

    We love you!

    Julia aka Angel

  • I must say all this bickering is quite comical. A bunch of strangers fighting over something that cannot be verified because none of them were there! Of course, since the account was documented in Just a Man, the bible of Michael’s life, it’s all true. Nevermind the fact that Michael’s not here to confirm or deny it. It is impossible to know the truth – He was ALONE! And what difference would it make if it where AEA? Would you stop listening to the music because of that? Does that blow your fragile little image of Michael? And BTW, Shari, who’s to say that Michael wouldn’t have been in the state to get off? Even depressed people like a little play. . .it sometimes alleivates the depression.

    I do have to say, I find your use of the TRUTH to be a little creepy. It reminds me of a cult. Is Just a Man your version of Dinanetics? It appears that all free will and free thought is lost on you as a group. If the cult leader says so, then it’s definately true! White Nikes and Kool Aid anyone?

    Oh, and yes, I am referring to you as a cult this time. Just to clear up any confusion from the last time. Seeing as though you deleted all of my posts when I tried to defend myself. It’s a shame that you welcome all opinions, but can’t take it if someone doesn’t see your version of the TRUTH.

  • So Tiffany, I guess you’re calling the only sister and mother of someone you supposedly admire & respect cult leaders because they wrote the ONLY honest portrayal of the life and death of their son & brother? lol! I’m sure Michael would appriciate that…after everything they have been through. You’re not even worthy enough to call yourself a fan. You see, the majority of us have been members of this site for over a year now…..we don’t need people like you coming in and disrespecting someone all of us support (yeah~it’s called support…by the way) and admire. Yeah, you stated your **cough** opinion, but you also proceeded to put down everyone as a group and make yourself some kind of imaginary savior of Michael’s memory. But you’re not, you’re only continuing the harmful cycle of misinformation by being one of those who know everything about nothing and go on to make stupid statements. If you still think for a second that what happened to Michael (after all the EVIDENCE of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED that night…from police records, coroner’s reports & first hand accounts of phone calls…..all HAVE BEEN DOCUMENTED (really!!! It hasn’t been a conspiracy to make this stuff up!) could have been a result of AEA, than you are sad & pathetic and frankly, a moron. Your stupid statement above about it relieving depression and relating it to Michael’s state of mind that morning is ridiculous and shows how shallow you really are. We don’t defend against this LIE because our cult leader says so, or because it “blows our fragile image of Michael” (Give me a break.) we defend against it because it is A PROVEN LIE and it needs to stop. Tell you what, you go on believing what you want to believe because we really could give a rat’s toss about what people like you have to say. It’s not just about having a different opinion….it’s about having the WRONG information backing that opinion…and you my dear, have the wrong information. Obviously, you’re too caught up in your own self righteousness to see that.

  • Actually, I take it back about us not caring what people like you have to say…..obviously we do. I realise your argument is no one knows for sure what happened because no one was there….but you have to understand the hours surrounding that moment. That’s usually how they solve crimes….it’s called EVIDENCE. Basically, in other words, you’re saying that if someone commits a crime, but they are alone, then you can’t know what actually happened and no one will ever know who did it because they committed the crime alone…..

    But then…gee…there’s witnesses and some evidence gathered and a profile made and eventually someone gets arrested. It’s like that….only different circumstances. If you can’t understand that….well…

  • If you, Tiffany and others here who think we are a part of a cult then so be it. That is your opinion but it does not equal the reality.

    Have you personally spoken to Tina, heard her cry when she talks about how Michael’s passing have ripped a family apart because of lies, rumours and bad media? Have you heard the joy in her voice when she recounts tales of Michael’s life? Have you ever lost someone who was young, full of life and had so much to look forward to, if only they could have gotten through a serious clinical depression? it sounds to me like you could never know these things.

    I talk with Tina almost every week, that is why I am part of a site that is actually full of compassion, fun and friendly folk, who have seen past the crap the media have vomitted on us for years and are now working towards positive projects that will keep Michael’s memory alive forever. if that counts for nothing in this world, then this world has become a sadder place for that, but that is not what I believe at all. It’s people like you I have had to fight against all my life for one reason or another, and I am no longer putting up with it. You can fire back at me what you will, I don’t care anymore. You are not important to me in anyway. Nor are your thoughts or opinions.

    I think Rockstar sucks, not afraid to admit that one.

    Whereas INXS when Michael was still here, was a fantastic vibrant band, who fought long and hard to get where they were and did not need corporate reality crap to give their career a boost.

    Right that’s me done here I think…have a nice life, I know we at MH’s site do.

  • You know, Shari, I respected Michael because of the music, not because of what went on in his life. I was never into what was going on behind the scenes. That’s why I could care less if someone says that Michael died from his own hand or because of AEA. It doesn’t really matter that much to me. I have no complelling need to correct someone if they say he died one way or another. IMHO, it’s all speculation. Unles you were there, you cannot say 100% how it happened. Even the coroner’s report is speculation. At best, the coroner could report there was no foul play. If there was no note explaining that he was planning on taking his life, then the coroner would go on what was presented to him, which was death by asphyxiation. He could not have known whether this was a planned hanging or acciidental. But that is niether here nor there, because my main point is that it is impossible to know what really happened because no one was in the room when it acutally happened. Again, my point is completely lost on you. You’re too defensive to even consider keeping an open mind. And all these things that have been DOCUMENTED – they’re set in stone and prove it, huh? You’ve never been so upset that you didn’t reach out to someone and talk about how desperate you were? That’s solid evidence?

    The only honest portayral? That’s a very subjective term to use for a tell all book. Everyone’s reality is a little skewed and a book by someone who is grieving will be the most skewed.

    Maybe it’s important to point out that I”m a fan of the BAND, not MH and the six guys who stood behind him. The guys you trash every single day. The guys that helped launch Michael to the star he was. The guys that Michael considered his brothers. The guys you demonize at every turn. So what I’m really not a fan of is your site and the bitterness it breeds.

    While we’re on the subject of your precious little site. Yeah, I said some things about it, most of which are fairly true. You have nice things to say about 4 people – Michael, Tiger, Patricia, and Tina. Everyone else can rot in hell as far as you’re concerned. You claim to make that site a place where Tiger can come to see how wonderful her father was. What she’s also going to see is all the nasty and horrible things you say about her mother, the man raising her, and the men who were probably the closet people to Michael on this planet. You have no respect for anyone unless Tina says it’s ok. If Tina hates them, then so you do. You can’t form your own opinions. That site is an abomination and nothing better than a trashiy tabloid. When I first posted, many claimed that there were few negative posts, but everything thread I read included something nasty about someone. Can’t imagine that Michael would like that as a tribute, but what do I know. I suppose you would all know best because you know the TRUTH.

    And on to you Caz. Not that I have to justify anything to you, but yes, I have lost people in my life. Some young, some old, and some by their own hand. I have lost people who have meant the world to me and have to struggle to understand their death, so don’t assume you know that I could never know these things. You couldn’t be further from the mark. However, I have learned to accept that death is a fact of life and I learned to move past it. The major difference being that I KNEW these people, they weren’t a rockstar I met in passing or have never met.

    A site that’s full of compassion, fun and firiendly folk? Are you for real? You only have compassion for Tina. No one else. Everyone else is garbage in your eyes.

    Oh and there’s one question that really bothers me. If you all hate RockStar so much, why are you all so enthralled with it? It’s like you can’t get enough. You are on top of all the news and what’s going on. I would imagine if you were that revolted by it, you would just ignore it. Must be some kind of draw to it if you’re all so insistant on talking about it. Then again, while you’re talking about it, you’re only attracting more interest from the lurkers. I’m sure the guys will want to thank you when the ratings are good!

  • What’s interesting is that INXS has NEVER said they want to replace Michael. If anything, they’ve said that they don’t want a Michael clone. It’s hard to hear everything when you just hear what you want to hear, isn’t it? Then again, if it’s not written in JAM, it can’t possbily be true.

  • Tiffany thank you!!

    How many times do INXS say they don’t want a Michael clone??

    It seems to me these fanatics on JAM just dont get it. Then again, they follow their leader cult master Tina and after all – what she says goes.

    Recently she said that INXS weren’t planning on mentioning Michael at the beginning eposide of Rockstar – apparently Tina had to “send a message” with someone to Mark Burnett saying this was a bad idea. And apparently the band were aghast. According to Sweet Sister T they Mark Burnett people are now “scrambling” to put footage of Michael together for the show, yeah right, cause what Tina says would have a MASSIVE influence over the band and shows creators. LOL

    Its laughable. I was only recently alerted to that site by a but I am glad as it never fails to give me a good laugh.

    Talk about a bunch of loons!

  • So they weren’t going to do a tribute to Michael? Hmm, I can see that. They probably had their minds erased and have forgotten all those years with Michael. Colin Diamond probably did it. Thank god Sweet Sista T stepped in or else the world would have forgotten aobut Michael! Where did you learn this? Was it written in the Bible? If so, it must be true!

    OK, I can see that you’re not as dense as that lot, but just in case, that was a bit of sarcasam. They probably had a tribute set up long ago.

    I’m glad to finally meet someone who sees the reality in it. I lurked for a while on that wretched site, but it’s so full of delusion and nastiness. I tried to point it out, but they deleted all my posts. It wasn’t like I was mean or resorted to name calling (unlike Shari who thinks I’m a moron). I did say that I thought they sounded like bitter old ladies, but apparently that was offensive. Sounding like and calling them bitter old ladies are two different things to me, but not to them! My main point was that they claim the site is in honor of Michael and a place for Tiger to see how special Michael was, but with all the trashing of Paula, Bob, and the guys, it’s hard to believe that Tiger would see the goodness in that site. Guess I didn’t fit in with their version of the truth.

    The site truly is laughable. I get a good laugh daily. It’s all taken so seriously and Tina is so worshipped that it’s like she’s the Queen of England. Actually, the Queen of England probably gets more disprecet than Tina. Fanatics is a good term!

  • I’ve lurked on that place too.

    I think I remember Shari calling one of the Rockstar contestants a “retard” or something like that. Thats when I first starting lurking and thought holy smoke, whats up with these people – talk about nasty.

    Is it Politically correct in this day and age to call another person a “retard”?? Lovely!!

  • In the wake of what has happened here in London today, this and everything we are arguing about is insignifigant, tiny and stupid.

    Lets just say we totally disagree and pack this in. We can believe what we ant and you can believe what you want.

  • Good point, Caz, but I honestly have to say you wouldn’t abide by it. If anyone else had suggested it, I’d say it was a great idea, but I find it very hard to believe that anyone on that board could keep the catty comments to themselves for longer than a day.

    Shari called some one a retard? Nice Shari. I thought that site was full of compassion. Must be for only those that aren’t afflicted by a developmental disability. And you were offended because I said you sounded like bitter old ladies? Just disgusting!

  • been watching this argument for a while and thought i would add my two p.

    yes, it was aea. it was covered up to save the family embarassment. he had two much going on in his life to end it.

    not sure what to make of all this site stuff. maybe you all need to get out more,

    oh rockstars going to rock. to those of you who don’t think so, take a piss

  • Just been lurking and they are at it again – Cult Master Tina has added her two cents about the band and Mark Burrnett again. LOL

    It was sweet of Caz to want to let it go, unfortunately her words seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

    I went on the other day and attepmted to count up the number of threads and posts about Bono, Bob, the band, Paula, Rockstar, the contestants, CD etc etc etc – I actually had to stop counting – so many of a defamatory nature there was. The TRULY dont see it and thats the really sad thing.

    It would seem calling someone a retard is acceptable over there, and yes they are full of compassion but only for two people… the Cult master and Pat. Period. But of course, all opinions are welcome there. ROFL

  • Being a member of any site, includes rules and regulations which include being non-harassing and or non-threatening. Obviously you aren’t members at Tinas site because you wouldn’t qualify. You are ignorant, very rude and unintelligent and your stupidity proves it.

  • Julia, you seem to have it backwards. It seems that people can only be members if they are harrassing others. The posts on that board harrass everyone but Tina, Michael and Pat. Apparently ignorance, rudeness and unintelligence are also acceptable because they runs rampant over there.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would rather cut my hands off than post on that site. It’s pathetic how the nastiness is thrown around over there. Makes my stomach turn that people can have so much hatred towards people they have never met. Is it all because it’s written in Just A Man that they did Tina wrong? Pretty weak argument for hating someone, if you ask me.

    So Tina has slammed MB and the band again, huh? What a shock. It’s such a true show of compassion! Yeah, I guess Caz’s words did fall on deaf ears. Maybe that only applies to us, though. Since we aren’t privy to the TRUTH, we have to play nice. The board can continue to go willy nilly with the nasty comments. They’re immune! Compassion. . .makes me laugh so hard! ROLF!!!!!!!!

    BTW, Roxy. All opinions ARE welcome over there! Just so long as you don’t express them. If you do, they’re deleted faster than you can type them!

  • They delete posts if you dont agree with them?? That’s kinda odd. Talk about not having freedom of expression.

    I too have been there, and while I’m not a huge BG fan I must say I was shocked at the hostility of many of the threads posted by the members there. Alot of it also seemed to be instigated by the owner of the board too. Bit of a shocker.

  • The truth will set you free Tiffany and what is your point? To harrass? To proclaim information you “believe” is true, when there are more facts to back up Michaels suicide than you can shake a stick at?

    I love Michael, I loved him while he lived and I love him now. So does his family, but much deeper than anyone of us possibly can ever imagine or understand. But as much as Michaels family love him, the love won’t bring him back. So what is left? A memory, his music and his family. Including a beautiful daughter, sister, brother, mother, ect…Why do you find that hard to digest ? Like you, I ha questions. I believed the papers and magazines and the books that were written. That was until, I found Michaels website and read Just A Man. I did more than that. I also read the coroners reports, I also Paulas court testimony, and a lot more to back up the fact that SADLY, VERY SADLY, Michael Hutchence ended his own life. Should he be remembered for commiting suicide, should he be condemned? Should his family be the blame? The answer is NO, NO & NO!

    If you aren’t happy with what we at Michaels site believe in, then leave us alone and finally let Michael RIP.

  • Julia, it may be diffcult for you to understand, but I really don’t CARE how Michael died. My world didn’t collapse that day and I’ve found that life has been very manageable since then. I was able to say that it was a horrible thing, but continue on. Maybe you should give that a go. Stop grieving for a man you didn’t know. You might find life to be much easier. And I certainly don’t need the comfort of Just a Man, a trashy tell all that exploits Michael’s life. Did you really listen to yourself when you said that? “That was until, I found Michaels website and read Just A Man.” That sounds like a testimonial for Heaven’s Gate!

    How can Michael RIP when the people that loved him are constantly belittled? Do you think it would bother him or would he shrug it off? And also, how can he RIP while you tear Tiger’s mother to shreds? Doesn’t make sense to me. To respect the dead would be to respect those who lived his life with him, not publically rake them over the coals.

    LOL Debbie! Our opinions aren’t worth the blog space! LOL I could say the same about that nasty den of bitterness you call a message board! LOL And yes, I would call you one of the cult members. One of the hierarchy, I suppose.

    Oh yeah, there’s a reason why my posts got deleted. It was because I challenged your TRUTH. It was because you couldn’t bear the fact that an outsider would actually call all of you on your pettiness and cruel words. And you’re all too high up on your horses to even reconize the cruelty. Then again, you have the TRUTH. BTW, I never posted an untruth about Michael. I was only trying to point out how mean and nasty you are as a group.

    I have lurked on and I’ve never seen anything negative or bad about anyone, especially Michael. That group seems to have it together. They miss him and pay tribute to him, but they don’t worship him like some god. They all seem to have gotten past their grief of Michael being gone. Maybe because it’s been almost 8 years, I don’t know.

    Really? You know for a fact that it didn’t work out with Jon S. because they refused to do anything other than what they did with Michael? You were there in the studio when they had this discussion? I seem to remember they did a couple of new songs with him. Ah, maybe you weren’t in the studio that day. Stop listening to the gossp, Debbie, and realize that sometimes things don’t always work out as planned. I’m sure that you’ll have an answer for me, though. You certainly seem to have the market cornered on that.

    Before I answered this part about not remebering Michael, I poppoed over to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Nope, as far as I can tell, MH is still represented on that website. In fact, there’s lots of mentions of him. So what am I missing? The black shroud and the guys beaaring all of their feelings for the world? That’s what this is really all about, isn’t it? You feel that the guys should just curl up and admit defeat. They didn’t publically handle Michael’s death the way you thought they should? Give it up, Debbie. They handled it just fine. It’s no one’s business how they handled it. It’s PRIVATE, but judging on your site, that idea is simply lost on you. Everyone should tell you all how they feel. I repsect them MORE because they didn’t rush right out and share Michael’s deepest darkest secrets. And if they had, you would have found something else to complain about. Face it, Debbie, nothing they do will ever make you happy simply because your’e too emotionally stunted to accept that Michael is gone.

    Sit back and have your own laugh if any of us reply. LOL Is that meant to scare us? I’m looking forward to your reply, they always give me such pleasure!

  • Erm excuse me…puts hand up to ask Tiff question.

    Right Tiff, the guys on INXS.CM messageboard even ban people for having an opinion about them on other messageboards, isn’t that a touch paranoid? That happened to one of our members and they had to apologise and reinstate that member.

    I was banned there for speaking my mind, so it looks like you and I are in a similar boat. I think it was because we both made attacks on people, if my memory serves me well.

    We could all sit here and defend our corners until our eyes pop out and bleed but it seems from what has gone before here, we will never see eye to eye. But do you know what? It is ok, we are not all destined to be friends or get on in this world.

    It does not matter if you never met someone, look at all the fans of people like Elvis, John Lennon etc, or any actor, popstar that has passed away, they still have their followings of fans and always will. This is fine isn’t it? Or do you class all fans of something “cults”?

    There is nothing wrong in wanting to belong to something, nothing.

  • Sorry, enough already, I’ve been asked to delete this thread but it’s against my beliefs to do so, however comments are now shut, and I’ll have the final word: again I apologise for any offence caused to the relatives of Michael Hutchence, the post was in poor taste, but I’ll say two things:
    1. The whole Rockstart thing is a joke. Inxs was Michael Hutchence and its never really been Inxs since
    2. I don’t pretend to understand why people commit suicide but I will say this: suicide, particularly when you’ve got kids, it the most selfish act anybody can possibly partake in, because in doing so you think only of your own hurt and anguish, and don’t think about how your act will affect others. If you’re thinking of doing yourself in, stop being selfish and think about how your actions will affect your family.

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