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Happy ending for fired UK Blogger

Happy ending for fired UK Blogger

Joe Gordon, the blogger sacked by his bookshop employer in the UK last year after referring to management as bastards, has been headhunted by a Sci-fi Independent book chain, apparently because of his blog.

Comic book chain Forbidden Planet has hired Gorfon for a managerial role dealing with the online side of the business and book and graphic novel selection, including the writing of a corporate blog. The job also pays significantly more that his previous position.

Kenny Penman, one of the company’s founders and directors is reported to have said “I saw his blog and, while I think it’€™s probably ill-advised, in front of a potential audience of four billion, to refer to your employers as bastards, I couldn’€™t really see a problem with it.”

Whether the new position has specific contract clauses related to not saying nasty thing about your employer is unclear.

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