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Wix Headless: the Wix Team’s Newest Innovation

Wix Headless: the Wix Team’s Newest Innovation

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Traditionally CMS, content management systems, were designed to be a system that had everything all in one place. While that’s amazing, Wix has a new feature that just hits the web, creating a bit more separation. Wix Headless will allow for advanced functionality for businesses that use Wix and those that do not, to carry out their brands. From both a front-end and back-end visibility point, lines with not blur with Headless.

Why It Is Helpful?

Even if you do not have your website through a Wix domain, you can still reap the benefits from Wix Headless. The new function allows businesses to interact with customers on one backend while using multiple frontend sources. Mobile apps, smartwatch apps, websites, and other frontend sources now have the functionality to mesh together for the business to see on one screen.

What Makes It Headless?

The term headless for CMS, content management systems, has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. The concept takes the body of a website, the data, and separates it from its presentation, the head. Because of the separation, businesses have more freedom and developers have more flexibility within the domain. Updates can be made to the backend without affecting the front end. The flexibility makes it easy for integrations across multiple different platforms including different devices and channels.

Wix Headless Business Solutions

Increased functionality of API, also known as application programming interface, is one of the key features to accessing more in Wix Headless Business Solutions.


Integrates into your Wix store without a hitch, and allows your customers to shop without specifically going to your website. They can shop from a mobile app like WhatsApp for ease of access. Like any integration, code will be necessary but once it’s set up you are good to go. The fun of a chatbot is that it gives your shopper a personal assistant, in a way. The shopper chooses specific products through a chat feature and the bot manages a cart on the actual website in the meantime. Shopping is made a bit easier by having someone hold your items while you continue to browse, or you can choose to check out at any moment.

List of Advanced Features

  • eCommerce and Stores

Keep track of shopping carts and phases of completing orders including their shipping status and checkout options. You can also constantly update product catalogs, change inventory easily, and produce new collections. Along those same lines, Headless allows for pricing plans and gives easy functionality to access content and services for those memberships.

  • Events and Booking

You can create, accept and manage bookings for different services on one simple backend, while also selling tickets and managing RSVPs.

  • Contacts and Forums

Contact and member lists and forums are easily managed along with categorizing posts and channels.

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  • Blogging

Manage blog posts, create drafts and different tags, run statistic reports, and access email lists and subscribers.

How to Implement

To set up Wix Headless, you will need to install new JavaScripts to catch your computer up. Creating a Wix project makes it easy for your business that either already has a live Wix site, or you want to combine Wix Headless with whatever domain you are currently using.  This will connect all pieces to the same backend for easy flow of business.


The visibility feels endless for Wix Headless. There is flexibility as well as the space and power to grow. The potential will be there for your entire business because of the seamless separation of back and front-end portions of your site and business. This blog gives you the tools to begin your headless journey on Wix and find the growth and possibilities waiting for your business.

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