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Has JOAB posted a duie and goodbye

Has JOAB posted a duie and goodbye

I got word a couple of days ago that all is not well at the Fine Fools Network from a number of people, in particular that Paul Scrivens is ignoring his bloggers and focusing more on the 9rules blog ring. Now Liberal Cowboy posts that the end is near, and although I doubt anything about the end of JOAB given the many false endings in the past, given that All Over the Place has posted it, I feel it necessary to spread the rumour. Whether it is true or not is yet to be seen, but none the less if it is true its been a colourful (yes I’m spelling it the Australian way, I’m so sick and tired of droping my “u” all the time) time in the blogosphere.

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  • John, I doubt if it’s only about the blogging itself.

    If I may quote Cowboy: “Its about people and blogging is just the medium.”
    I agree with him on that.

    Even though a good network has huge benefits: If the people don’t want to read what you say, it’s all for nothing.

  • Is this some sort of joke like last time? I wasn’t under the impression that people don’t read JOAB or other Fine Fools sites or anything…


  • This is no joke. Although that would be funny. JOAB is going independent and I personally am helping launch a blog network and sophisticated decent content site. So I’m moving past my snarkiness? Hell No. I won’t go. Not without a fight.

    Kazana, if you want. You can become our official spokesperson. You are doing an awesome job. Did I create the vision or did you? I swear man you have a job if you want one.

    I need a spokesperson, press guru.

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