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HCI launches 75 blog network, stuffs up blog-speak

HCI launches 75 blog network, stuffs up blog-speak

The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a non-profit think tank, educatial and professional association, has announced the launch of a a network of 75 blogs covering the “business science of human capital,” including Talent Strategy, Acquisition, Development and Management.

But perhaps demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the most basic of blog-terminology, the network has been described as a “blogosphere” with the headline: “Human Capital Institute Announces Launch of Talent-Focused Blogosphere” and choice quotes including “the launch of the most comprehensive Blogosphere” and “By creating a human capital Blogosphere on HCI’s website”

Aside from mangling the English language, the next challenge to would-be readers is actually finding the blogs from HCI’s website here. I had no luck at all finding the 75 blogs, may be others might be a bit luckier.

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