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He was a blogger boi

He was a blogger boi

If you like your music with a touch of peroxide blonde and a body as skinny as a third world chicken, then be sure to check out the latest offering from Canadian singer Avril Lavigne: Avril Lavigne Blogs. All yours for only $29.95! but wait, there’s more…..every blog comes with pictures of Avril and Avril’s name, perfect for that 14 year old boy who hasn’t realised yet that girls larger than a size 6 can be attractive as well.

And there’s plenty of quality to be had to, check out this enthralling post from mjwjr68 blog;

I’ve been completely blown away by her voice since the first time I heard her. When I first saw her on TV, I was struck by her wish-she-was-the-girl-next-door looks. It doesn’t stop there – I’ve seen her on most (if not all) of her talk show appearances. She seems so sweet and down-to-earth, yet onstage, she can rock with the best of them. She’s truly a unique gem. And she’s only on her second album. She’s only just begun; and I look forward to all her future work.

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Google Update

Ms Lavine was unavailable for comment for this story, but a spokesperson for the singer said that Ms Lavines response to the teens that are now blogging under her name was “like, whatever…”

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  • Ok Mr. Riley.

    I’m Canadian, Avril is Canadian and I think she’s a national treasure. Quite frankly, here’s what I think of your little digs at her… roflmmfao!

  • hehehehe rofl :-) tell you what though, I’ll swap Avril for Australia’s own signing budgie: Kylie Minogue.

    Some thing else that is hilarious: the Google ads to the right of these comments are displaying Y! Music Avril Lavigne ads :-)

  • For crying out loud! don’t tell me we are going to see things like..
    davidbeckhamblog community and the britneyspearblog..

    Well what’s wrong about making business after all.


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