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Healthcare for Bloggers and Podcasters?

Healthcare for Bloggers and Podcasters?

TechCrunch is reporting that Blogger & Podcaster Magazine (BPM) is launching their own blog advertising network. To become part of the network you are required to pay $5 a month. According to BPM, this fee will help get you mainstream exposure by including your blog in The Blogger & Podcaster Guide in USA TODAY and several other publications.

BPM is also looking to deliver healthcare benefits to U.S. bloggers and podcasters looking to go full-time. Details are currently vague. Once more details are released, we’ll bring you the latest.

As a blogger, would you be interested in acquiring healthcare in this fashion? (I can almost hear the rest of the world laughing that we don’t have universal healthcare here in America).

According to BPM publisher Larry Genkin, all bloggers and podcasters will be eligible.

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You can view the latest edition of the magazine here.

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  • A good free market solution to the problem. Like a true fan of capitalism I like it. Will be interesting to see how much coverage it offers though.

  • By the way, I’m getting a bunch of SQL errors on the sidebar. You guys having some DB issues?

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  • Good free market solution? Good for who? The HMO companies? Or the consumer who gets to pay exorbitant premiums and has to pray they actually get covered when something does happen. And after something big does happen, forget trying to afford the premiums or finding any other new plan then.

    The #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US is health care costs.

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