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Help Stop Terrorists With Government Blog?

Help Stop Terrorists With Government Blog?

In this post-9/11 world, transportation security remains a major global issue.

In light of that fact, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in America has launched a blog in order to inform the public of future initiatives and give frustrated travelers a place to air their grievances.

Previously, it was necessary to file formal complaint. As you can imagine, the majority of which, were tied in red tape and lost in black holes.

The TSA’s Evolution of Security blog aims to explain to the public, in non-political terms, why certain processes work the way they do. At some time or another, many upstanding citizens have felt violated, as the air travel process has shifted from a luxury to an inconvenience.

Is the blog nothing more than propaganda to justify intrusive security checks and long delays?

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According to the blog, “Terrorists Evolve. Threats Evolve. Security Must Stay Ahead. You Play A Part.”

Will the TSA pay attention, follow up, and let everyday citizens help dictate the agency’s actions? We’ll find out if this is a premature takeoff or a smooth landing soon enough.

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