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Here’s How WordPress Is Swallowing Up The Internet

Here’s How WordPress Is Swallowing Up The Internet


With more than 70 million websites using the WordPress platform to manage their content, WordPress is slowing eating up the Internet. Chances are most of the sites you browse are using the content platform giant. So, why is WordPress so successful?

First of all, the WordPress CMS interface is extremely easy to use. This makes it an attractive option for most sites, especially those with contributing writers. With its simple type, edit and post options, a contributing writer can easily write and edit posts without having access to more complicated parts of the site. It also gives writers the options to add images and links with a click of a button.

Of course, another attractive component is the availability of thousands of widgets and plugins for sites to use. Whether you want to track analytics or make sure you are follow proper SEO practices, you can download a plug in for that. These extra add-ons are extremely helpful for smaller sites that are working with less staff. Most of the time, a plug-in can do the job of another staff member, such as post to social media or send to certain outlets.

The CMS company’s reputation is helpful in attracting new clients daily. The fact that successful brands, such as Conde Nast, Forbes and News International choose and trust WordPress with their content means a lot. If these huge organizations choose WordPress, why wouldn’t a smaller site believe that it is the right choice?

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  • I write all of my code from scratch, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL. My experience with WordPress is that I would compare it to the equivalent to learning a programming language. It’s complex yet still easy to use for beginners. The reason I compare WordPress to a programming language is that there is so much you can do with it and so many tweaks you can make, the combinations are endless.

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