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Hitting the Frontpage of Digg

Hitting the Frontpage of Digg

Skelliewag takes a look at playing the odds and trying to “win” with Digg – a great article with some fantastic tips on how to promote your site using Digg.

Most bloggers would love their content to hit the front page of Digg. Unfortunately, most of those bloggers are never able to experience the huge spike of traffic and the feelings of accomplishment this brings.

In this post, I want to argue that success with Digg is an odds game. You can never guarantee it, but you can give yourself the best possible odds. I’ll be describing how to do this, right down to what kind of post you should create, and how to get it moving up the ranks on Digg.

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  • I’ve never hit the main frontpage of Digg but I have hit the frontpage of the “Apple” category, it is one heck of a traffic spike but I have never seen any positive effects from it, commenting never seems to change, CTR never seems to change, and practically none of the visitors from Digg ever subscribe to the website. So, Digg is nice but I don’t think there is a whole lot to say about a story hitting the front page.

  • Yeah, Digg’s front page is something to be proud of, but the work involved in getting there might be a bit more than you need to spend. If you can work up a good friend list in Digg, you’re posts are more likely to succeed!

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