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Hootsuite Announces Reddit, Stumbleupon Support

Hootsuite Announces Reddit, Stumbleupon Support

HootSuite Adds New Support

Hootsuite users now have the option to follow their Reddit and StumbleUpon accounts directly from their HootSuite dashboard. The social monitoring company announced support for both social news feeds on Tuesday.

The company has also added support for the lesser known?, CMP.LY and Nexalogy platforms.

Hootsuite has come a long way from its Twitter roots, the company now offers support for 35 applications which includes Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram among others.?

Using the new program Reddit users can check out the most popular posts on the social news site and any subreddits they are subscribed to. Users can also share posts to their network of choice.

With the StumbleUpon option users can viewpages from the social browsing network and even track how many times StumbleUpon has stumbled a page.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the feeds fit into columns just as they do with other platforms while providing simple sharing and browsing options. Columns can be moved into any order selected by the user. Clicking on Reddit or StumbleUpon tabs then launches the social platform for quick viewing.

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