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How Are You Planning For Your Blog’s Future?

How Are You Planning For Your Blog’s Future?

Science Daily News reports on the building of a giant seed vault in Norway to protect future generations from losing a food source.

The Norwegian government has revealed the architectural design for the Svalbard International Seed Vault, to be carved deep into frozen rock on an island not far from the North Pole. The entrance to the “fail-safe” seed vault will “gleam like a gem in the midnight sun,” signaling a priceless treasure within: seed samples of nearly every food crop of every country. The vault is designed to protect the agricultural heritage of humankind — the seeds essential to agriculture of every nation.

The description of the effort undertaken and researched in order to protect these seeds that may prove so valuable to future generations is amazing. The site was chosen, in part, because the ground is perpetually frozen, providing natural back-up refrigeration that would preserve the seeds should electricity fail. Yet, even here, project architects had to consider how to offset the potential impacts of climate change.

The researchers studied all the possible worst-case scenarios of global warming. With rising temperatures, the vault will be located above any potential rising sea levels, some 130 meters above current sea levels. This puts it well above a seven meter rise from the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet, and a 61 meter rise if Antarctica melted completely.

To ensure the rising external air temperatures will have no impact on the internal temperatures, they are planning a 120 meter deep entry tunnel past the permafrost layers and creating two large chambers to hold more than 3 million seed samples.


What Does a Seed Vault Have To Do With Blogging?

Imagine the time and effort on research the scientists have put into this project. They aren’t thinking about today, tomorrow, or even next year. They are building based upon projections and assumptions for the next 50, 100, 200 years and more into the future.

They aren’t even taking for granted the predictions for the planet’s conditions scientists are promoting today. They are saying “if this happens, the seeds will be protected, but if that happens, we’ll do this. But if this happens over here, we’ve got that covered, too.”

They are covering all their bases from every angle they can come up with.

When was the last time you did that on your blog?

Did you even plan your blog? Did you just wake up one day and decide to blog? To start expressing your thoughts, opinions, expertise, and voice publicly? Or did you have a plan?

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Now that you are blogging, have you taken a look at your plan? Or do you even have one?

Have you given any thought to the future of your blog and blogging? What are the predictions ahead for blogging and how do they impact your blog?

Most bloggers tend to think today or next week, not next month or next year.

If you were thinking like these scientists, how would your blog change? What are the steps you would take if your blog plan included projects and forecasts for three months, six months, one year, two years, five years, or more from now? If you were building a blog today with a 10 year forecast, what would your blog plan look like?

Would it change how you blog?

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  • I wonder how easy it is to look ahead 10 years in the blogging world. Even with a 10 year forecast, it is likely to be broken down into shorter time periods.

    I have given myself a two-year outlook – the length of a domain name purchase – to see what becomes of my blog. And even that has been subdivided to see how things stand at the end of 2007.

    With that view in mind, I guess it does impact my blogging. It feels easier to plan for a year or so – more manageable and less daunting. It would be great to think that my blog will still be active in 10 years time…searching for the illusive subscriber to get my Feedburner stats into double figures.

  • Blog future. That has been on my mind. I think of my blog as my home base now; a portal. It is where I begin online and also where I end online. Alpha and omega perhaps?

    To ensure my future as a blogger and artist I am slowly uploading drawings, artwork and various media and actual craft and art for sale on other sites inlcuding Lulu, istockphoto, flickr, etsy and cafépress. This way there will be a record of my artwork for sale and not for sale on other sites if my site becomes lost or malfunctions so badly it does not exist any longer. With these sites I am thinking about my future online and perhaps creating my own personal art stock gearing for the future of online activity, growth and inspiration. This is a continuing long term goal for me.

    I have also been toying with the idea of duplicating my blog on a free blogging platform and setting it to private view as a back-up for myself.

    I find this seed collecting fascinating. I do this with my own garden. I can germinate, grow, eat and then save seeds for the next season. This way the seeds I collect will become acclimatized to my growing conditions. This will be my fourth year planting my own collected seeds. Every year they grow better.

    There exists a huge repository of seeds from mainly Canada in Victoria BC. They only collect organic seeds that have not been genetically engineered or tampered with. Therefore what you plant in the ground and grow, you will be able to collect the seeds again and grow that specific variety of say, tomatoes without worry of a secondary or tertiary subspecies or worse an all female or all male plant growing in place of the original. It is always a good rule of thumb to purchase Heirloom seeds or plants. You know they are authentic then and that their dna has not been canabilized to not contain seeds (ie. Watermelon and bananas) nor have they been genetically engineered to grow mutations in the future.

    There is a huge resemblance to seeds and blogs. Duplicating your content/seed is the only way to preserve it. Adding to it is ok but it has to be done with care and intelligence.

    Just some intitial thoughts.
    Take care,

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