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How Far Would You Go to Thank a Reader?

How Far Would You Go to Thank a Reader?

Bloggers are grateful for every click, comment and e-mail. But how far would you go to thank loyal readers of your blog? Humor blogger Georgia Getz is making the rest of us look bad, driving more than 10,000 miles to meet the folks who leave comments on her blog, I Am Bossy.

She’s even ditching her husband and kid for the trip. (Now you have no excuse!)

The five-week trip (in a hybrid provided by Saturn) is designed to put faces to names and help further develop relationships that have formed online.

Currently underway, you can get in on the action. So far, over 260 bloggers across 207 cities have signed up to take part in the adventure. From offering Georgia a place to crash, to just stopping by to say ‘hi,’ if you believe strongly about the relationships forged between bloggers and readers (and other bloggers) then this is a road trip that will interest you.

Depending on how it goes, the next leg of the journey might go international.

Here’s the big question:
Would you let one of your favorite blog writers crash on your couch?

Man, I dig the blog style of dudes like Michael Arrington and Darren Rowse, but for some reason, I feel like they’d keep me up all night, click-clacking obsessively on their keyboards. Plus, I know nothing about their hygiene, sleeping habits, etc. And from what I know about prolific writers…well, let’s just say, some folks are better knowing from afar. (I also only have one full bath).

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I certainly can use a vacation from the New York scene. So, whadya say? What time should I be there?

Read more about Bossy’s Excellent Road Trip here.

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  • Ummmmm…yeah, one of my favourite bloggers crashed on my couch, and – err – bed **smiles sheepishly** so I guess yeah I would let them stay at my place :)

  • Interesting way of showing appreciation. I wouldn’t want one of those major bloggers staying at my house because I wouldn’t be able to talk to them as they would be too busy with their nose 5 feet deep into their RSS reader while typing up new posts at the same time. Besides, only those who are on the lower end of the blogosphere totem pole realize what appreciation is, the same can not be said for those on the A-List or the blogging Elite.

  • You know, I was actually thinking of doing something like this – a cross country trip, meeting readers of my blog. And now “The Bossy Lady” is doing it. That’s really cool.

    I guess for now, I’ll start by going to SOBCON08 and then taking things from there. It’ll be my first blogging conference, an opportunity to meet in the flesh many of whom have become readers and subscribers at my blog.

  • yeah I gotta say I don’t think Ree Drummond aka Pioneer woman was one of the people who leaves Bossy comments yet she stopped at her Ranch. That my find is marketing scheme not blogging at it’s best. How many of those people Bossy is stopping to see actually get comments from Georgia left on their blogs? I find that once you become an A’lister they don’t comment on other blogs anymore. It’s all about them and feeding the ego.

  • I’m not sure that’s fair, Jetpass. What if a blogger has 50,000 readers, and 1/4 of them have blogs, conservatively? Is it conceivable that the blogger could possibly visit and comment on 12,500 blogs?

    I read the great blogs, large or small, because of the content—not out of some expectation of reciprocity. The time they spend churning out quality content is enough for me.

  • I don’t know about this one. I write for the same network asDarren, though, but I’ve actually never had any co-worker (even those who I see every day) crash on my couch! Maybe I need to get out more.

  • JetPass – You do like to spread your nasty all around. don’t you?? Why don’t you keep all your negativity away from others – like maybe you should stick to writing that miserable, jealous crap you write at your real blog – I thoyught that’s what you and your hatemongering crew preached.

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