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How I Blog: Chrono Cr@cker

How I Blog: Chrono Cr@cker

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Shreyas, AKA Chrono Cr@cker, Blogger

I’m Shreyas, a.k.a Chrono Cr@cker (I prefer being called by nickname as it kinda stresses my essence better), blogging at Chrono Tron >> World Wide Weblog . I’m relatively new to the blogosphere, but I have definitely learnt a lot about it’s mechanism and the blogosphere has become an essential component of my life. In my opinion, Blogging is one of the most powerful media in the world and a media that has immense scope. I’m currently a student and studies take prominence in my life more than anything but blogging is definitely my passion, one that originated from deep within me and runs through every single nerve. I really can’t run through a day without blogging. Blogging gives a certain joy, a certain electrical impulse, that I cannot explain as “English” does not have the right words to do so.

I’ve been a tech passionist for atleast 2-3 years and recently I’ve become a full time geek. I’m proud to say that I devote a minimum of 2-3 hours every day for my online activities, wherever I am, however busy I may be. My online activities have become like clockwork but I like toggling now and then. The saddest part of my online life is that I have limited broadband.. My online day starts with a cuppa gmail, couple of posts in my online CollectiveX group with my ex-school mates and the regular browsing around Newsvine, Reddit & Digg. Two must mention activities are coComment’ing and the feed-mantra via Bloglines. coComment is one my favorite services and something that everysingle blogger/blog-visitor must use. It helps me keep track of all the comments I make, and since I do so in a lot of blogs, my whole productivity crashes without coCo. Ofcourse, I also subscribe to a lot of Blogs via Bloglines [Recently checking out Feedlounge.], ideally would like to do so to 100’s and thousands but time is the crunching factor.

Finally to the cream, my blogging. Wherever I go, I carry a small jotpad with me and this has helped increase my productivity extremely. I derive inspiration from real-life encounters, etc and ideas strike me at the most unlikely moments and this jotpad, really has rocked me! I blog using this wonderful piece of software called “BlogDesk”, which seriously is the best in the web. [Check out my review about it here ]. I blog every single day from my home PC. The surroundings here are really perfect and stimulate a lot of thoughts in my mind. My PC really does what I need to and I’m not a big fan of laptops and/or notebooks – Old Habits die hard! It’s a pretty normal PC as of now, but I’m getting a brand new Athlon power PC soon, would like to buy a Macbook but lack of funds retard me. Oh! I forgot, my computing experience is truly without a mouse, I love my keyboard.

Thanks to the jotpadding, I usually have some good ideas when I want to blog and my feeds give me more ideas. I don’t have any particular time when I blog, but usually divide my computer sessions into blocks and make sure that I blog whenever I get a chance. I blog via BlogDesk but at the same time scourge the blogosphere for people blogging about what I am. I make sure that I link to them as linking, in my humble opinion, is the core of the blogosphere.

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While my blog is not a daily diary, it’s not a proffesional review-centre either. I blog for passion and not money. Usually I blog about various tech stuff namely blogging, gadgets, web 2.0 and stuff for webmasters and sometimes about my opinions in regard to various issues and very rarely my personal events. I try to make my blog as different as possible from the rest of the blogosphere. While I do give my readers the facts, I make it as personalized as possible. Posting just factual stuff is not what a blog is about, I give my a blog a strong Chrono essence, expressing my own feelings about the topics, it’s implications and more. After all, it’s my personal weblog. My posts are a good mix of both the worlds [professionalism and personal’ism]. I also thoroughly enjoy trying out various web 2.0 services and reviewing them in my blog. I also share my latest bookmarks in my blog and check out my Technorati rank sometimes.

As the last word, I really love blogging. It really has revolutionized my world and my thought-process and has given me a great media to express my thoughts all over the world and at the same time, see what others are doing. Finally a big thanks to BlogMedia & the Blog Herald for giving me the opportunity to express my feelings and my experience. I really enjoyed writing this and hope you enjoyed reading this as well.

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