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How I Blog: Dennis Smith

How I Blog: Dennis Smith

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Dennis Smith, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition @ T-Mobile, Wireless Career Builder, Blogger.

I started blogging in December 2004, so I’m still a newbie by the Blog Herald’s standards. Although I’ve gone through a couple of name changes since then, I’m still blogging away on my account:

My blog is an extension of my role as a recruiting manager at T-Mobile, and it helps me build community with my target audience: job seekers (who want to know about life and jobs at T-Mobile) and consumers (who want the latest scoop on our cool phones). My blog helps me accomplish all of the things I do everyday as a recruiter. I spend my time persuading (people), influencing (people), and connecting (with people!). Catch the common theme? helps me do each of those better and faster.

How do I blog? Well, in the words of Halley Suitt, I “blog early” (almost every morning), “blog often” (my goal is at least 2 times each day), and I “bake fresh bread” (something you can’t get anywhere else). All with the purpose of being an active participant in the public conversation focused on jobs, careers, recruiting, the wireless industry, and T-Mobile.,, and are my lifeline for keeping me plugged in to the job-seeker, recruiting, and wireless community so I always have fresh material for my blog.

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Why do blog? I blog because I believe my blog brings a human touch to the black hole process. You know, that ugly process whereby job-seekers apply for a job online by submitting their resume to the big, black hole, only to never hear from anybody again (except for the “thanks for applying” postcard that shows up in the mail a week later).

I blog because I care about connecting with people around a topic that is very near and dear to all of us … our jobs.

Dennis Smith is the Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition at T-Mobile Wireless and the blogger at CareerBuilderBlog.

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  • Dennis Smith is one of the great voices in recruiting in part because he blogs. While most employers sit nervously on the sidelines awaiting clearance from their corporate legal gods (I’m a fully recovered lawyer so I’m allowed to poke fun at the world’s second oldest profession), Dennis is active, visible, brilliant, and giving. Those who are looking for a model to follow should look to Dennis.

  • HEY! I know you! (Shouted in my best imitation from Elf)

    Great to see you here, buddy! Will you sign an autograph for me? Preferably on the bill when we all go out to dinner to celebrate the new blogging-ness the 4 of us geeks have found? ;-)

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