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How I Blog: Diane Ensey

How I Blog: Diane Ensey

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Diane Ensey, Blogger.

With five blogs (one of which is just starting up) to blog for, I find that organization and time management is key. Most important is to get at least one post online in the morning (preferably two or three) and then at least one more in mid-afternoon. What I find is that hits the biggest readership of the day (noon and right after work).

I read over 1000 blogs a day via RSS and usually go through them quickly, flagging ones that I want to come back to according to which blog they may be appropriate for. I use Omea Reader, which makes it easy to flag an article to find it later. Although I try not to during this phase, I often do stop and blog when I find something that triggers an idea.

After I sort out the likely articles, I go back and review what I’€™ve picked out by blog. Usually I get enough ideas for posts from these selections. If not, I hit the Washington Post, Newsweek, CNN and MSN sites for inspiration. Because one of the biggest problems I have with blogging for multiple blogs is maintaining consistency of voice for blogs with different styles, I try to blog each one separately. It doesn’€™t always work this way, though.

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When hit with writer’€™s block, the best advice I can give is to go for a walk. Halfway through my walk I always think of something, some new angle, to write about.

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