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How I Blog: Hot Johnny

How I Blog: Hot Johnny

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John Flowers, Blogger.

For me, blogging begins after about the fourth beer on a Friday night. In Fibonacci fashion, at zero hour, I down one and then one more until IÂ’ve told two people three things I shouldnÂ’t have. And then after five more drinks itÂ’s 8 am and IÂ’ve got 13 cents to my name (and so on and so on).

Hot Johnny

It continues the next morning, with a beer in one hand and a pen in the other (I have no internet connection at home). I jot down ideas and not just the ones that occurred to me in a drunken revelry but also the more random, though equally jocular, ones from the whole of the previous week. And when a work hour permits (meaning when everyone else is at lunch) I transfer the scribbled words from pad to Mac and blog, blog, blog away.

Anything is game for an entry. For instance, whilst writing this post I went to the refrigerator and couldnÂ’t help but notice the tell-tale signs of the male bachelor: some milk, some chocolate syrup, leftover Thai and two cans of Budweiser. Any baking soda? Nope. Is the milk any good? DidnÂ’t check. I bought that chocolate syrup, right? Sure.

And another entry might be: if I insist on walking around the apartment in nothing but boxers, I should do the decent thing and invest in a pair of blinds. Or at the very least hang those bed sheets that never seem to make it into the laundry over the window. I keep saying that I wonÂ’t wash them until we get a new man in the White House, but itÂ’s been six years and theyÂ’re still just sitting there. Taunting me.

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I suppose blogging is just the natural order of things. I began life, trying to make myself laugh. And then when primary school began for me, I tried making the people around me laugh. And now many, many, many years later, with the new kuh-nowledge of blogging I thought, “Well, hey, if I’m so damned funny let’s see if I can make people who don’t know me laugh.”

And, so here I am: Just creating of myself a walking, talking Temperance ad, embodying the dangers and the joys of big city living.

Mostly the joys, though.

John Flowers blogs at Hot Johnny and Candy in a Barrel.

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