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How I Blog: Jessica Doyle

How I Blog: Jessica Doyle

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Jessica Doyle, Emotion Creator, Blogger


Blogging is like opening up a new pack of crayons at age six. It is an artist’s medium; as Letraset is to Mac, hand journalling is to blogging. This new form of journaling; recording information in real time, has struck a chord with me. The sound of tapping keys makes me happy. I have been creating for nearly 30 years but have not shared much of what I have created, learned, understood and for that matter not understood with anyone save for friends and family. This medium grants me a way to create anew and recreate my past artistic endeavours.

In 2000 when the first wave of web hit I was designing print. HTML confused me and the process to learn it reminded me of learning manual cut n’ paste using Ruby Lith. This is not to say the old ways are bad; they were the beginning with art (Web2) being the end result of that beginning. Technology has caught up with my brain. As an artist I want to dive in and create. Being able to express yourself freely regardless of who you are, where you live and how much money you make is something to be cherished and just plain fun. The internet is my new world wide playground to play and learn in.

My first post talks about why and what my site is about. It’s difficult being too many people. When you present something, anything, honestly, people have a choice to look or click away. They may disagree or you may get dooced but that is another story. Now if I could learn how to properly use Ajax whoah would that be cool, he he he.

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