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The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself; And How To Do It

The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself; And How To Do It

The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself; And How To Do It

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “throw kindness around like confetti”, and I think it’s important to note that includes the choice to be kind to yourself. While it may seem difficult to constantly throw that kindness in every direction, including your own, there are a few tricks to keep your arm warmed up to be kind to yourself.

Beyond the fact that being kind to yourself is helpful to the mind, it is helpful to the body as well. There are positive benefits galore for your mind and body by using positive self-talk, and simply being kind to yourself.

Like many other parts of life, speaking kind words to yourself daily can be much easier said than done. The benefits of positive self-talk are not only in the way you carry yourself but in the way your body feels.

Self-Kindness 3 Ways 

Daily Reflection – Journal 

Journals and diaries do not always have to be serious, sad, or traumatic. By Webster’s definition, a journal is a regular account of day-to-day activities, thoughts, ideas, and experiences kept for your own private use. The fun part of journaling is you can express yourself on every page because the book is quite literally all about you. It is not conceited, it is not self-righteous, it’s self-care and self-love. Even if every page is not a pretty experience, idea, or account from your day, each day you write in it you practice speaking to yourself in a way you want to be communicated to, and exercise voicing your thoughts rather than locking them away.

Regular Self-Care and Investing in Yourself

Self-care can come in many forms, from taking yourself on an impromptu shopping spree to putting on your favorite mud mask or even going on a long run. Make this your sign to stop waiting for a reason to have a self-care day, and just do it. You can have regularly scheduled self-care nights or full days where you spend time with yourself and speak kindly to yourself along the way.

Investing in yourself is another form of self-care. This could mean a multitude of things including but absolutely not limited to finding a therapist, setting a new reading goal for the year or month, setting boundaries with your friends and yourself, and many more. Investing in yourself does not have to mean investing money, it can mean investing your time, and your efforts into a cause to better yourself. All of which, will be a positive impact on your ability and willingness to be kind to yourself.

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Mistakes and Perfections Mix 

One of the biggest lessons you must learn when going through the journey of self-love and speaking kindness into your life is that there will be a mixture of perfections and mistakes, and everything in between. That is what makes life beautiful. There will always be something wonderful to say to yourself, and more than likely there will always be a lesson to learn no matter what is going on in your life at any given time, whether “serious” or not.

Making the conscious effort to be kind to yourself is a choice you will have to make each day,  but in the end, it will pay off and you will see the difference. Just like cleaning up your skincare routine to keep your skin at its best, or staying on a gym routine to make your body feel confident, speaking life and positivity into your daily life will be the difference maker. It is not a progress picture that you will be able to see like you can with skincare and a gym routine, but with healthy reflection, it is something that both you and those around you will notice.


Practicing speaking positively to yourself, no matter the circumstances will not always be easy, but it will continue to be worth it. Leaving room for grace in your life is key to keeping the positive notes coming from the best of days to the ones that feel like the worst. After reading this blog you have the initial tools to begin adding acts of self-kindness into your everyday routine and seeing results in your quality of life.

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