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How I Blog: Melissa Petri

How I Blog: Melissa Petri

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Melissa Petri, Travel Blogger, Ex-Pat

I am basically a travel blogger. Traveling a lot (for real!) helps a lot. I do my research — on foot or online — and write.

Melissa Petri

Since I am constantly on the go, it has helped that I have been expatriated 6 times and have traveled even more. A lot of my entries are based on first-hand experiences.

To get information, I have also been known to go into restaurants and hotels to interrogate their staff. I have also been taken to listening to other tourists in cafès, trying to glean more insider information from unsuspecting travel resources. Chutzpah and wanderlust go hand-in-hand to fill my head with information to share. Of course, it helps a lot that I belong to the corporate world which allows me to charge almost everything as “expenses” and which sends me to numerous junkets all over the world.

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The rest of the information I use are based on newspaper articles, books or feeds that I have read., reddit, technorati, lifehacker and other travel blogs are my constants. Of course, I always give credit where credit is due. Links are, after all, important in blogs.

Melissa Petri blogs at Travelling Europe on a Budget, Escape Blog, Road Gladiator, and Flyaway Weblog.

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