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How I Blog: S A J Shirzai

How I Blog: S A J Shirzai

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S A J Shirazi, Writer, Columnist, Blogger.

What started as a casual pursuit have become part of my day job and important part of my leisure activities. We are still a less connected country of 165,803,560 people (July 2006 estimated) with only a few bloggers though the users’ base is exponentially growing. What is a blog, most people still ask here.

I am a writer and newspaper columnist. I started my first blog as a showcase for my published work. Then I took up blogging for a foreign NGO working in rural areas of Pakistan, besides some others where I co-blog. Larer, my employers asked me to run a blog for organization where I work. I also started running Google and some local ads of my books. I haven’t got any ads from the local market though.

A few things keep me going: Sharing ideas to get feedback that clears my own outlook for whatever I happen to be writing. Secondly, the bloggy fraternity I have made in the process. And lastly, I think that am promoting blogging in this part of the world in the process.

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I use blogger platform. Recently all blogs hoited on blogger were banned in our country so I switched some of my blogs on WordPress. For the rest I figured out how to bypass ban (anonymous surfing and some other tricks).

S A J Shirzai resides in Pakistan and blogs at Thatta Kedona and Light Within.

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  • Shirazi is one of the best bloggers I know. I admire his ability to write on so many different topics.

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