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How Reddit Was Born [Video]

How Reddit Was Born [Video]

Reddit FounderReddit came about by accident, a beautiful and flawed merging of original ideas and concepts taken from other popular sites at the time of its launch such as Slashdot and Delicious.

Founded by?Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian the network was built around forming user identities while at the same time sharing the web in a simple to understand manner.

In a candid video released on Friday Reddit’s co-founder talking about their first failed attempts on the web and then dive into how they generated a billion pageview website that now sites at the cornerstone of social engagement.

As Ohanian notes:

?Reddit was not created to do good works. But I can?t help but be really, really pleased with how much good Reddit has done for the world.?

From social change platform to the center of controversial “jailbait” photos Reddit has been both helper and destroyer of the moral fabric and as it has grown in depth it has managed to do something many social networks have failed to accomplish, it has stayed relevant.

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Here is the video of?Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian explaining how Reddit came to be what it is today

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