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How Social Media Kits Can Enhance Your Online Presence

How Social Media Kits Can Enhance Your Online Presence

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Social media kits are essentially the cheat sheet for your brand. They should have your statistics for the brand, your story, demographics, any previous collaborations, and anything else you would like to have. For social media kits specifically, you’ll need to make sure your formatting is in the kit as well. This includes font, colors, layouts, and more.

A social media kit is important for your social presence and it increases not only brand awareness but shows consistency to viewers, developing trust with them. Without a consistent feed on social media, a blog, or a website, you will inevitably see a drop off in viewers and readers due to humans simply enjoying ease, simplicity, and consistency.


The big question on everyone’s mind when mentioning a new extension to their brand is how much it will cost. The good news is social media kits are very affordable! If you already have graphic design tools such as Adobe, you can make one fairly easily for free. You can also have a freelancer do it for free for a relatively small price.


The benefits of creating a social media kit seem to be endless. Having to create a new template every single time you make a post, and then doing the same thing across multiple platforms will take hours upon hours. Hours that you and your brand, will not get back. A social media kit will practically eliminate that time. You’ll create a branded content outline and stick to it. Your posts will now all be cohesive and build consistency between the brand and it’s followers. If your followers and readers begin to expect a certain type of post, they will start to feel familiar with it and know that each time they come back they are getting something they will appreciate and enjoy.

Who uses social media kits?


Unless you’ve been under a rock, or don’t have an Instagram, surely you have seen the aesthetic lore of Instagram pages. Influencers use social media kits to easily keep their aesthetic exactly how they want. This cuts down on maintenance time, giving the creator more time to create content since influencers are typically a one or two-person team until they gain a certain amount of fame. They also use these kits to showcase their talent all in one place. Typically on a pdf these days, social media kits are a way to give confidence to potential collaborations or feature brands the influencer is aiming to work with.


Similar to an influencer, a blogger will use a social media kit on their blog posts as well as any social media posts they make. This keeps their long and short-form work cohesive. Additionally, it makes it so the viewer does not get confused when going from blog to Instagram post.


Not only do influencers and bloggers use social media kits, but agencies use them as well. Kits are helpful for agencies to easily showcase to potential clients everything they could possibly need to know about working with their brand. Any information that can be useful in telling a story to a potential client or customer is helpful in a kit. After all, you’re pitching your brand to them using its stats and highlighting all of the agency’s best features. This will make them want more from your brand.

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Do you need one?

The short answer to the question of whether it is really necessary to have a social media kit is yes. You do need one. Can you survive without one? Yes, you can survive. It will not be very pretty and as you can guess, it can be very time-consuming. The biggest benefits are time and consistency. If your audience has shown time and time again that they like a specific type of post from you, it would be fairly silly to never do that post again would it?

Having all of your most important information in front of you in one place is not only a game-changer for your potential clients and customers, but it’s also a game-changer for you as the creator. You’re getting time back that you otherwise would have never known was gone.


Now that you know a social media kit isn’t just for Instagram and Twitter, you can use a kit in your social media platforms as well as your branded content elsewhere such as on a website or blog. You know the low costs and the benefits of having a kit. All that’s left is to begin your journey of creating a social media kit for your brand.

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