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How spammers are targeting blogs

How spammers are targeting blogs

We’ve covered Blog/Comment spam before here at the Blog Herald, but now we know the problem has grown beyond irritant to a major blogosphere wide problem, to the point that even the BBC are reporting on it. Bill Thompson’s article sheds light on the problem to those new to the area, but none the less shows some of the threats this menace presents not only to the blogosphere, but the continued growth of blogging as we know it.
How spammers are targeting blogs | BBC
“It depresses me to think that any open medium can be so easily undermined by people with no scruples, no sense of responsibility and no idea of the damage they are doing. It also feels a lot more personal and intrusive than e-mail or UseNet spam. “

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  • I think all the comments form needs is a graphic challange/response system, much like the whois on godaddy. I think that would keep the spambots out.

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