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How To Build A Blog

How To Build A Blog

CBS on how to build a blog
CBS> If you’re paying attention to the web or just modern culture, you’ve probably heard of “blogs,” short for web logs. A blog is basically just a web site that’s organized chronologically. It is often used as a way for its creator (“blogger”) to share his or her innermost thoughts, but a blog can be used for any type of information. read more>

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  • Wow. That is How to Blog at it’s most basic.

    I like the line: “Once you have a blog worth sharing, let your friends and family know.”

    Mine still don’t know!

  • The big media giants have ignored blogs for so long that now they are forced to acknowledge them. Blogs have been in the mainstream for a long time. The article was somewhat condescending to bloggers in my opinion. Telling friends and family is such ridiculous promotional advice as to be laughable, if it weren’t a major media corporation saying it. Many bloggers are very sofisticated marketers and networkers. Some bloggers possess advanced search engine optimaztion (SEO) skills. The writer at CBS should know better.

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