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How to Establish a Blogging Routine

How to Establish a Blogging Routine

how to establish a blogging routine

There are two sides of the blogging coin.

On one side are successful bloggers who run multiple revenue-generating blogs at the comforts of their home.

On the other side are bloggers who failed.

However, if there’s one thing that separates the good bloggers from the rest, it’s having a routine.

If you’re one struggling with making ends meet with blogging, don’t give up just yet!

It’s possible you haven’t established a blogging routine that you can replicate day in and out without fail.

In this post, you will learn how to develop a routine that provides you a clear direction on your way to having a successful blogging career.

Take your time

Did you know that 38% of bloggers who spend about six hours writing a post are reported having gained “strong results” from their efforts?

How about the fact that it takes almost four hours to whip up an average blog post?

Here’s my point?

Blogging isn’t something that you should do in a hurry.

You don’t just create a blog then cross your fingers for your desired results!

If the idea of becoming a full-time blogger seems promising to you, then you need to step up.

Don’t let it remain an idea. Instead, make it come true.

Start by making a commitment to invest time for blogging. Wanting to blog is one thing and actually doing it is another.

So come up with a blogging schedule where you can dedicate at least four hours to write your post. At the same time, you need to find which days of the week you’ll do this.

Keep in mind that your commitment to blogging should be realistic and practical. It has to align with your current situation to make it a walk in the park to follow through. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Create an actionable list

Jot down everything you need to do to achieve your goal. Be sure to stay away from generic statements and instead, be specific.

Specifics are more compelling, after all. They make matters clear and actionable.

Look at this list:

  • Generate (at least) 10 ideas for blog posts
  • Identify a problem based on your ideas and name possible solutions
  • Start creating an outline for one of your blog post ideas
  • Write a 100-word introduction
  • Elaborate on a solution to a problem

Organize your workspace

To move forward, you need to let go of things that slow you down. It’s about discipline and drawing the line between what’s helping you and what’s not.

Do you have Netflix on your desktop? Shortcuts to your favorite RPG games? Folders containing pictures of your pets?

Don’t open them while you blog. No questions asked.

Sure, they may bring entertainment. But since you’re working towards establishing a routine that will help you work, you need to put 100% of your focus on blogging.

Worse comes to worst, these distractions need to go straight to your Recycle Bin!

With them around, you’ll end up slacking off and letting your productivity level go down.

Distractions at home? Then consider moving to coworking spaces. They’re like an office space but is open for bloggers like yourself. You can set up shop work at work without interruptions.

Create (and finish)

Taking care of your productivity is a huge deal. So always stay focused to have it in you to create content from start to finish.

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One technique is to avoid distractions and set things accordingly beforehand. Say, put notifications from different social media channels on silent and only check on them during specific times. That’s a much better way than checking on them the moment you hear a ding, don’t you think?

You can also fire up your productivity if you win the morning. Starting on the right foot often leads to a good and productive day, doesn’t it?

The Pomodoro Technique is also another productivity hack. It involves managing your workload and giving yourself a break for five minutes.

Whatever approach you go with is less important. What matters is you create and finish your blog post.

Remember to stay consistent

keep consistent with blogging

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, goes the classic saying. So don’t expect to enjoy a career as a successful blogger quickly.

A reason why some bloggers don’t make it is their inability to keep creating content for their blogs on a regular basis. So learn from their mistakes by reminding yourself to be consistent and wait. If you’ve played your cards right, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work soon.

Look at Business Insider, for instance. Currently, it’s one of the most successful sites out there with around 25,000,000 monthly visitors.

If you think it started last month, you’ve got it wrong. It began opening its doors way back in 2009!


Successful bloggers may tell you that blogging is an easy task. Of course, there’s truth to that statement on the account that they’re living proof.

Then again, it isn’t always easy from the get-go. Those success-laden folks? They managed to nail their careers due to their relentless attitude in chasing after success.

They showed dedication, worked hard, and did whatever it took to come out strong. So if you believe you can also make it big as a blogger, then go for it!

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