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How To Get In Touch with Michael Arrington: Sue TechCrunch

How To Get In Touch with Michael Arrington: Sue TechCrunch

Earthcomber is suing TechCrunch, along with Loopt, for pretty dubious reasons. I’ll let Michael Arrington speak for himself, from his post:

I called Earthcomber President Jim Brady this morning to verify the lawsuit. At first he wouldn’t answer – all he did was try to explain how he’s been wronged by Loopt. When pressed he did confirm that the lawsuit was filed, but quickly added that he didn’t really mean to press it with us. He wants to go to court with Loopt, but is willing to quickly work something out with us to make this go away, he told me, hinting that he’d like to partner with us. He also said he’s been desperately trying to get me on the phone but hasn’t been able to, so he decided to sue us instead.

You know, this sounds like a really bad idea to me, and I certainly don’t think that taking legal actions against someone is a good way to connect. At least not if you’re looking for a partnership. And obviously that won’t happen with Earthcomber and TechCrunch either:

I’ve asked our attorneys to spend whatever it takes to kill this lawsuit, and to find a way to counter sue this guy into the stone age.

And, to wrap it up:

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We will not be bullied, and people who file frivolous lawsuits need to be put down. I would rather run TechCrunch into the ground and go out of business than let this guy win.

If nothing else, this is a reminder to think about what you’re publishing on your blog. And a confirmation, if you needed one, that you can get in touch with Michael Arrington through the legal system, but it’s hardly a good idea if you’re looking for a partnership.

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  • Thanks for sharing this one! I know Arrington has a flair for drama but the story as I read it makes the Earthcomber guy look delusional. I hope for his sake there’s more to it.

  • In one way, this is not funny but in another it is hilarious. Michael Arrington is so busy, you have to sue him to get in touch :( Of course, if I were as busy as him talking on the phone with people all day long via PR people and their pitches, I’d be able to understand.

  • Thor:

    You little Swedish prick. IF you’re going to take out Flim Flam artist Jeremy Stamper’s admission posts, you should be fair and take out Jeremy Stampers posting.

    Otherwise, it looks like your giving a reacharound to Fuckstick Stamper and Fatboy Arrington AT THE SAME TIME.

    You pussy.



  • Very civil and mature, John Q Public. Unless you have something to add to the conversation, rather than this garbage, you can stop wasting everybody’s time here. This isn’t a place for your kind of language.

    Other than that, perhaps you should direct your fan mailings to Arrington himself? Oh wait, you’d have to sue him to do that…

    And for the record, there is no “Thor” here.

  • This is a clever way for everyone to get promotion. No one is that friggin’ busy. And if you are, and you can’t reach out to someone trying to get a hold of you, get an assistant for Christ sakes.

  • Looks like Michael Arrington is being challenged! I wonder why?
    Michael’s arrogance is finally catching up to him.

    Michale, you are not Donald Trump, and even he is owned by the banks. You are not above other people. You disrespect people enough someone will bring you down!

    Enjoy lighting cigars with 100 dollar bills, your days are numbered!

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