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How to Start an Instagram Blog 

How to Start an Instagram Blog 

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Starting a blog online through social media from scratch can sound daunting, but these tips will help ease the transition, especially if you’re considering an Instagram blog. To have a successful blog you need two things almost immediately. 

  2. Niche

Having a base following seems like a given, but these followers will be what sets your blog off and can keep you running. Notice I didn’t say 50,000 followers immediately, but you will need a few. They are your foundation and support system for getting your blog off the ground. Find them and make it known how much you appreciate those foundational followers. 

The next must-do is to find your niche. What is your blog account about? What brings it to life and shows that there is a real person behind the screen? Maybe it’s travel, food, fashion, or fitness. The possibilities are truly endless. The trick is to find what you’re passionate about and bring that passion to the screens of someone who shares it. Anyone can put aesthetically pleasing pictures of pastry on Instagram, but it’s the spin you put on it from your perspective and passion standpoint. 

Now that we’ve covered the non-negotiables, there are a few more tips for getting your Instagram blog off on the right foot. 

1. Username

Having a catchy username won’t make or break your blog, but it can get you more traffic. If you have a username that makes people think, laugh, or more importantly, remember, you have a solid basis to keep them coming back and maybe even following you. It is a balancing act of being creative, but not too creative. You want followers and potential followers to recognize who you are before they get to your account, so your username needs to reflect who you are using keywords. A few keys are to keep the wording simple and easy to remember. Keeping the username one word and avoiding special characters whenever possible will go a long way. Those extra underscores, dots, and excess lettering can make it difficult to remember for a possible follower. 

2. Know your audience

Stick to the niche you developed at the beginning. Try not to jump around from fashion to sports to cooking. If your audience came to see what you were making for dinner this week, they might not really care for the Amazon haul you got in the mail this week. Create content that keeps them coming back and keeps them engaged. Pay attention to what they are engaging with versus not as well as what they respond to stories or polling posts.

3. Stay on Top of Trends

Social media is always evolving and Instagram is no exception. Continuing education looks a little different with every profession, including blogging, but you still have to do your research.  Keeping up with the latest trends can feel overwhelming. But, if you can keep at least one or two trends around to grab new traction your audience will notice. You don’t have to learn the latest TikTok and Instagram Reels dance for your makeup blog or wear the latest fashion trends for your upcoming post about a new pasta recipe you’re making. Use trending hashtags and use what the media is giving to you. Keep it simple, but trendy. 

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4. Engagement

Those foundational followers from earlier? Talk to them, get to know them. Find out why they started following you. What about your account piqued their interest? Are they supporting a mutual friend, know you from college, or are they finding someone who’s going through the same stage of life? Whatever the case may be, seek out organic engagement with those accounts because just like you they are real people behind a screen. Comment on their posts every once in a while to keep them coming back to yours. Loyalty goes a long way, especially in an environment where growth is the end goal.

5. Aesthetic

It’s not always best to judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what the internet will do. If your page isn’t pleasing to the eyes, it may get looked over before it has a chance to prove itself. It can be helpful to find a filter that becomes your brand of photos on Instagram, or maybe you even create your own filter. It will show your followers consistency and will bring them back for more. If you’re looking for a simple way to keep it consistent, stick to the same highlights and lowlights as well as color tint settings rather than choosing a filter every time. This will keep the colors fairly consistent and your feed will be easy to look at from an outsider’s perspective. 


Starting an Instagram blog can be a fun way to branch out of your comfort zone by sharing your life with possibly thousands of strangers. At the end of the day, it’s your blog and you’re able to do anything and everything you want within it. The most important part is to just start and see where it takes you.

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