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How will Blogging Change after the Pandemic?

How will Blogging Change after the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in many ways. In just a short amount of time, the world was put in a standstill and forced to adapt to a ‘new normal’ that many people don’t seem to accept just yet. Almost everything was migrated online – schools, work, groceries, and even workouts. Mass events like conferences, meetings, national events, and even government activities were also moved online. Blogging, although originally an internet product, is also affected by the pandemic.

Here are a few changes expected of blogging because of this pandemic:

Health and Safety First

There is no question that blogging, especially video blogging or vlogging, will come second to safety. The numbers would not matter much if you’re not there to actually reap the fruits of your hard work. This change is especially true for travel and food bloggers. Consider this when creating video blogs in public, surrounded by many people. Surely, wearing a facemask and observing social distancing are important. Or better yet, create video blogs at the comfort of your home.

A Focus on Health and Fitness

One of the most trending topics right now on all platforms is content about health and fitness. People have more time at home and spend less on traveling to and from work. Because of this, people have more time on their hands to release all that pent up energy while working in front of the computer. Also, people are now more conscious of their overall wellness. This begins with mental wellness to physical health and fitness.

Home Workouts are very common right now. Image Source: Pixabay

Content on healthy food options and home-cooked meals are common searches. People would prefer cooking at home than buying unhealthy fast food takeouts. Then, relaxation and meditation blogs also increased organic traffic. Maybe to de-stress from the burden of news happening to the surroundings. These relaxation sites are also great for people who still need to come into terms with spending time alone at home.

But generally, these kinds of content are very common because going out is not advisable. Home workouts are very popular because gyms are not allowed to function in full capacity in many areas. There is a high risk of contracting the illness in gyms which is why home workouts are the best to do right now.

Less Buying, More DIY

What bloggers need to take note of is that there has been an unusual shift in how people consume nowadays. There is a major shift to buying raw goods in bulk than buying finished products. In fact, urban gardening and home improvement are trending topics right now. There are also multiple DIY searches for goods that are now difficult to buy in the market. Also, creating DIY content is enjoyable.

Maybe it is a good idea to focus on these ‘how to make’ blogs than featuring or reviewing ready-made products. There are multiple blogs that benefit from ‘unboxing’ products. These are first-hand reviews of popular products fresh from its box. People might not be wanting to grab the latest gadgets nowadays. Maybe start changing up content that will focus on teaching or learning ‘new skills’ and less on featuring new products.

Changes in Buying Behavior

The initial reaction of people to the pandemic was panic-buying. This is the unnecessary purchase of basic goods out of fear that the supplies are going to be affected severely. However, as people realize that there is a long-term economic effect, they started to change their purchasing habits.

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The long road ahead sees financial constraints and difficulties for the economy. It is sure that people will adjust and focus on essentials rather than luxuries. People have started to consume consciously and opt to buy local goods. This is both good and bad for online businesses. Good in the sense that people would rather buy from local sellers but maybe bad for brands that are selling luxury goods.

The age of Digital Marketing

Everything and everyone is online now. These span from individual activities like working out, and cooking to group events like conferences, meetings, and even school. Even big-time events like Pride Month and Independence Day were celebrated online. Since people spend more time at home, people’s screen times have increased dramatically.

This is the best time to be adapting all digital marketing strategies for the benefit of online businesses and blogs. Multiple in-store purchases are transformed into online purchases. Stores of big brands have adapted to this new change and created their own online platforms as well. Orders, payments, and deliveries are all made with ease and accessibility.

Creativity over Routine

This is a great time to take on the challenge of creating more innovative content. Times have changed and people easily get bored with repetitive products. This is especially true for travel blogs and food blogs which are most affected by this pandemic. Think of how to create travel content in the comfort of your own home. Maybe try going local and focus on nearby locations that are easily accessible.

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