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How Would You Spend $500 on Your Blog

How Would You Spend $500 on Your Blog

As you probably already know, U.S. citizens are receiving tax rebate checks in the mail as early as this week as part of the government’s economic stimulus package. It might be too little too late to really make an impact, but that shouldn’t stop you from using the money to help grow your blog.

If you’re fortunate enough to not need the money to eat, pay the mortgage or seek medical treatment, then why not try to turn your blog into a business? Here are a few ways you could spend the money:

– Attend a convention
– Take an online course
– Buy keywords
– Purchase plugins
– Hire freelance writers
– Buy a banner on another blog
– Get a new template
– Pay for customizations via oDesk

If someone handed you $500 that HAD to be spent on your blog, how do you feel that money would be best spent?

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  • Call me cheap, but it would be best spent on web-hosting. :) As far as an event or item that would enhance my experience or the blog itself, attending a conference is the best bet.

  • Well if people are responsible, they wouldn’t spend it at all. It’s money borrowed from next years. This whole package is a racket and it was costly to implement. Meaning there’s a percentage of that money you borrowed from yourself in the future that was lost in transit.

    spend it on my blog? Yeah right. Try put it into the highest interest account you can to try to earn back the loss.

  • I’d probably organise some sort of blogging meetup for anybody to attend. Nothing too fancy, but it’d be a great way to meet bloggers from all parts of the country!

  • I’d enjoy giving away some books, say Neil Postman’s Teaching as a Subversive Activity, and the dough would go for about 25 copies. I like to think my blog and this book smell pretty much the same.

  • I would probably get someone to work on the design of my blog which is a little lacking compared to a lot of other blogs out there.

    But, without the $500 I continue to search for that perfect WordPress theme that will make my blog look more appealing to visitors.

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