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IAB Releases Social Media Best Practices

IAB Releases Social Media Best Practices

This is good news for marketers as well as companies trying to make money on social media services, sites, applications, and so on. IAB, which is responsible for the de facto standard of online advertising, have released a hefty tome on social media practices. Nick Gonzales of writes a guest post on TechCrunch covering this:

As part of a company that makes social ads, I’m excited that the IAB has released a new set of social advertising best practices to help bring consistency to the marketplace, similar to the way IAB standards brought efficiency to online advertising back in the 90’s.

I agree, social media needs some directions when it comes to advertising, and that is IAB’s desk. This could also lead to marketing firms eyeing social media with even more interest, since there is now some sort of guidelines to go by, although that remains to be seen.

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  • You have to be careful about what you classify as “Social Media” and “Social Advertising” This report clearly is a best practices report about advertising considerations and not about the quality of conversations.

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