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If a tree falls in the forest…

If a tree falls in the forest…

…does anybody hear?
If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
Anybody hear the forest fall

Adam wrote in suggesting that Canada plant some trees along the new Fence that the US is planning to build.

Maybe Canada should plant the world’€™s longest line of trees right along the inside of the border to hide the nasty looking fence.

Canada has just such a guide to put your idea into action Adam, aplty named Hedges for Canadian Gardeners. Written in 1980, College kids will love tree-planting along the border rather than planting in the mountains of BC during the summer. Send your sons and daughters away to Hedge-fund Camp where they will learn why:

It is important to note that hedging is actually the practice of attempting to reduce risk, but the goal of most hedge funds is to maximize return on investment.

At Hedge-Fund Camp we firmly believe in exposing your child to the latest Departmental Electronic Publication on Hedges that the Canadian Government has to offer. Here are some relevant excerpts from the publication:

    ‘€¢The purpose of a hedge is to form a barrier or division
    ‘€¢The purpose of a tall or medium hedge is to give privacy or to act as a background, it should be dark or mid-green in color.
    ‘€¢Hedges should be to a garden what walls and partitions are to a house.
    ‘€¢Since the purpose of a tall or medium hedge is to give privacy or to act as a background, it should be dark or mid-green in color.
    ‘€¢A boundary hedge around an attractive garden will provide a screen against an unattractive adjoining yard, or an untidy set of buildings, and give the owner privacy after a few years.
    ‘€¢From the inside, beds of roses, annuals, or perennial flowers are much more pleasing against a green background of clipped hedge, or an informal row of flowering shrubs, than against a fence.

At Hedge-Fund Camp we will certify that your child will qualify (once they are age of majority) to work during the summer, tree-planting along the border. Invest in your kids early!

The US could join in, planting flora native to their side. Collaboratively, we could actually grow the world’s longest border hedge. To reduce the possibility of injury to our children they will be equipped with either a white baseball cap embroidered with a red maple leaf or a red cap embroidered with a five pointed red orblue star of your choice dependant upon their border country of origin. These baseball caps will protect them from border guards, censors, dogs, mines, mosquitos and most of all protect them from harmfull UV radiation during their monthes of mandatory paid planting.

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Only a few towers will be seen stretching upwards of 80 meters to the sky from their viewpoint, with only genetically engineered ivy clinging to their glistening sides…

Seriously though this idea could made possible. If the fence is going to be built, and it seems that it is, the least we could do is build it green.

Cheers everyone!

Have a great weekend ;)
Thank you Adam for some inspiration.

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  • Wow – sounds like a great plan Jessica. I’ll send my son over from Scotland as soon as he’s old enough to help. Might be a while though, he’s only 2 years old.

  • Adam we can use your boy to gather seeds for production. Nothing like child labour here in Canada. ;) jk

    Thanks Adam for the initial seed that planted the idea for this post. I do think realistically that planting the longest hedge is very much possible. There could even be hedge mazes along the line for people to visit and play in. It could become quite a tourist attraction.

    cheers to you over in Scotland ;)

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