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Inside Google: What It Takes To Run The Massive Tech Firm [Infographic]

Inside Google: What It Takes To Run The Massive Tech Firm [Infographic]

Google LogoIn their quest to build a better network and remain the world’s #1 search engine and software firm the team at Google must consume tremendous amounts of electricity while always building new products.

The folks at have created an infographic that showcases just how big Google has become.

Among some of the infographics most interesting facts are the 2-billion Killowatt-hour of electricity the company’s data centers need to consume to remain online (50% of what Hoover Dam produced in a year) and the simple fact that Google in 2010 with $29.3 billion in revenue made more money than the 28 poorest countries in the world COMBINED!

Throw in more than $2 billion earned annually from the massively growing mobile ads market and it’s easy to see why Google has managed to carve out a very nice business for themselves in a rather short period of time.

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Here’s the infographic to show you more interesting fact about the Google company structure and what it takes to run the world’s fastest growing software and search firm:

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